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Fine Dining in King's Pub and Tradition of Repušnička klet

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

In the Kolodvorska Street, perhaps the longest main street in Kutina, where many cafes and shops open their doors to guests, there is also the urban centre of Kutina, King's Pub. At first it looks like a well-decorated wine bar, not the spirit of the Celtic pubs in Moslavina. The truth is somewhere halfway. Certainly, King's Pub attracts passers-by with bottles of wine on the other side of the window, behind which the guests smile satisfied in the interior of the restaurant. They have a good reason why - King's Pub offers great lunches and even better dinners, as we were convinced ourselves.

With an ear of a polyglot, we realized that the guests of King's Pub and its four-star accommodation come from all over the world. At once we heard Bulgarian, Danish and English in the air. And we just figured why: King's Pub accommodation is great! Spacious rooms, rich in content - some would say the contents of the minibar too! - with a large bathroom, simply the tired guests returning from the wine aerobics on Moslavina wine roads would find this accommodation perfect. Breakfast is rich for guests, with snacks often coming from nearby family farms.

All this is happening in the very beautiful interior of the restaurant, surrounded by pictures of old Kutina and wine bottles - although being a pub, this is still the wine district. For pub lovers there is a cosy atmosphere and light music in the pub, while the restaurant is a place to try the local wine list - we have tried the wine of family Mikša - as well as excellent food. As a restaurant in the city centre, King's Pub offers daily meals, but also has a rich a la carte. Lucky people like us get to dine on a veal baked under a lid (peka), served with potatoes and vegetables. We do not remember when we ate so soft and juicy veal - King's Pub's kitchen staff certainly know their job, which is why King's Pub is one of the main gastronomic points in Kutina!

King's Pub Kutina


Tel .: +385 44 683 000, Mob. +385 98 222 500

Room Reservation: Mob. +385 99 57 23 305



Owner Dario Kohek kindly hosted us for lunch, along with his professional team, and gives us instructions on how to get to Repušnička klet, another facility that is geared towards the traditional gastronomic offer of Moslavina. We ride to Repušnica, a settlement stretching exactly between Moslavina Hill and Lonjsko polje. Repušnica is famous for its many events, mostly for the preservation of folk heritage, costumes, original songs and dances. All the beauties of Repušnica and Moslavina, as well as other parts of Croatia, can be seen on the annual Repušnica Meetings with a rich cultural program. Repušnica is also a place of religious tourism, sporting success and traditional fishing.

In this environment there is also Repušnička klet. Very close to the Mikša winery, this klet is a characteristic of Moslavina vineyards. It often organizes family and friends parties, and the atmosphere reflects the traditional Moslavina house. You can sleep here and wake up with bird chirping and unreal silence overlooking the forests and vineyards. The beauty of this rural vila matches the best holidays imaginable. Repušnička klet works after announcement here:


Tel .: +385 44 683 000, Mob. +385 98 222 500



Gallery by Dario Kohek:

Photos by: Andrea Seifert, Mint media & Repušnička klet

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