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Best coffee barista

Croatian coffee producer Franck celebrated in the Zagreb’s coffee house Johann Franck the International Coffee Day on October 1st. At the same day a finale of the regional Franck barista competition took place, in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) rules. The SCA is an international association of coffee industry.

Some 15,000 cafes have qualified, but finale brought together only ten best baristas in the region. The best barista is Petra Gracin from Šibenik (Yum Pastry shop), second place won Marko Podbrežnički from Zagreb (Mala kavana), and the third place went to Antonio Švob from Crikvenica (Maslina 2).

Franck’s barista academia is a program for educating the service staff. The goal is to learn about all the things connected with coffee – from the plantain cultivation to the coffee cup – and to perfect the skills and art of making a top espresso, as well as other drinks made from coffee and tea. This educative program is led by the Franck’s professional barista team. They organise presentations and individual educative workshops. Franck’s barista team has a certificate for barista skills, awarded by the SCA.

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