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Acrobat Portoflio Tasting

The Acrobat Portfolio Tasting International Business Wine Fair was held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Zagreb, which brought some of the most prominent names in the world wine scene to Zagreb. Thus, the owners of these exclusive wine houses presented their wines in the centre of Zagreb, including Roberto Voerzio, one of the world's most important baroque producers; daughter of the great Angel Gaya, Gaia Gaja; the most influential Slovenian winemaker Marjan Simčič; French institution of white Burgundy Olivier Laflaive, and one of the most influential winemakers in the world Frescobaldi. At the tasting, master workshops of these giants of the wine world were held, for which more space was sought in crowded halls.

Visitors could taste the most prestigious wines, champagnes and distillates on the market, such as Pontet-Canet, Champagne Billecart-Salmon, Dal Forno Roman, Whispering Angelo, Vega Sicilia, Christian Moreau, Pascal Jolivet, Gin Mare, Cocchi, Le Tribute, Roby Marton , Zuidama and many others. "It is an honour to participate in an event of this calibre, among the names that shape trends in the wine world, but also among visitors who are seen to understand what is being presented to them, which means that the audience is carefully selected," said Gaia Gaja. who held a master workshop on tasting and introduced interested people to the top selection of Gaja winery. "The decision to come to Croatia was easy because I love Croatia, I feel like I'm in Italy here, and we are all connected. Also, I like to come to this type of tasting because new good business ideas are often born when talking to people, especially when it comes to talking to Croats, ”Gaia said.

The great selection of visitors was also mentioned by the great Christian Moreau, who praised the organization and already announced its arrival next year. “I really liked that there were so many caterers and restaurant owners amongst us, who got us informed about the wines they normally hold on their wine lists, and asked for advice on what else they could add. Also, I often travel for wine tastings, and for the first time in my life I see that we have refrigerators behind the tables. All praise, ”Moreau added.

The biggest interest among the masterclasses was sparked by the owner of Clase Azul, the most expensive tequila in the world, Marco Caccialupi, where visitors could learn more about the way of producing this top-quality tequila. "Croatia is a promising market for the international wine scene, thanks to tourism. In order to attract the most exclusive high-paying guests, we need to provide them with access to high-end products as well as quality service. That is why my wish was to bring Zagreb and Croatia closer to Europe in wine and gastronomy and to educate caterers, winemakers and hoteliers - to bring world and most often unreachable wines to them, to try them anyway, thus making it easier and safer to present more and more quality guests coming to Croatia. "Said Tasting organizer and Acrobat owner Dino Kušen.

The significance of this event for the city of Zagreb and Croatia is confirmed by the fact that it was also supported by the Zagreb Tourist Board, and one of our most exclusive car dealers - Benussi - took care of the transportation of all the world's winemakers. Acrobat tasting also brought some premieres so that it was here that for the first time visitors could taste Spanish cava, Juve & Champs, Cartron liqueurs, a new Black Fire drink - coffee liqueur, tequila and chilli, Papa Fuego spicy tomato drinks, and gin and coffee liqueur as brand new products from the prestigious brand of Sauvelle vodka.

Also worth noting is the performance of bartender Emma Giacone, otherwise right-handed by Antonio Naranja, one of the most famous bartenders in Spain and owner of Dr. Stravinsky, ranked 25th on the "50 best bars" list, which produced a special show to present Le Tribute Gin. The show also afforded visitors Gin Mare, who served delicious cocktails all day long. Tasting spiced up the culinary spectacle of six top Croatian chefs at the end of the day. The dinner was cooked by Hrvoje Zirojević from Laganini, Hrvoje Kroflin from ManO2, Belizar Miloš from Agave, Marin Rendić from Bistro Apetit by Marin Rendić, Time's Marko Alilović and Hilton's Chefs.

Recordings: Marko Čolić



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