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Days of Croatian Prosciutto

The best producers of certified prosciutto from Istria, Drniš, Dalmatia and Krka gathered in Zagreb on a two-day event of Croatian Prosciutto Days. The expert meeting was held on Friday, 26 April at Hotel International, while on Saturday, April 27, 20 producers presented their prosciutto at Ban Jelačić Square.

Although in the last year, the exports of pork’s quality parts products grew by 59 per cent, Croatia is still a major importer of prosciutto. '' The figures say that we had 250 thousand prosciutto production five years ago and 400,000 today. That's a big increase of sixty percent. This was achieved by large investments, perhaps the largest in the food industry, amounting to more than 40 million euros. The biggest success is that the share of domestic raw material in our prosciutto has increased over the past five years from ten to more than 50 percent, "said Darko Markotić, President of the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster, founded to boost competitiveness with a joint appearance on the domestic and European markets.

"The EU Commission report notes positive trends in pig production, but that does not mean that we will give up support. Pig production is a strategic production that the ministry still plans to develop and financially support, "said State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tugomir Majdak. "Investment and new production capacities are needed because we do not meet 50 per cent of our own needs, "said the Vice President of Agriculture and tourism of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) Dragan Kovačević.

The champion of the Day of Croatian Prosciutto is the Drniš prosciutto of Drniške delicije Maran. "We are a small family company working for 12 years. This acknowledgment means a lot because all the protected prosciutto were in competition, "said owner Zoran Ćevida. The sixth day of Croatian prosciutto is going to be held next year in Zadar.


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