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Good Spirit wins golden awards

On Saturday 24.10. the new spirit liqueurs "Golfer Pro" and "Spirit of Gin", winners of gold medals at the recent IWSC London 2020 spirits, the most prestigious rating of its kind in the world, were officially presented at the Good Spirit distillery. This year, more than 8,000 samples from all over the world arrived for the competition. Croatian producers won a respectable 16 medals, and the only 2 gold medals from Croatia were won by the new products of the Good Spirit distillery.

These are 2 brand new liqueurs. "Golfer Pro" was created on the trail of the best-selling distillery product, Golfer. This is a new variant of this product which is also characterized by a wonderful sage aroma, but with less sugar and a higher percentage of alcohol. Another liqueur is "Spirit of Gin", a very interesting combination of juniper berries and natural apple juice. Both products are available in a 700 mL pack, while the Golfer Pro is also available in a new exclusive 750 mL pack. A novelty is also an exclusive package of 750 mL Golfer liqueur. New products can already be ordered through the distillery's webshop at

Golfer Pro is a liqueur with a beautiful aroma and balanced texture that will enchant your palate with aromas of sage, citrus vanilla and floral aromas. The lush and not excessive sweetness and aromaticity of the herbs permeate nicely and leave a wonderful aroma in the mouth long after drinking. Spirit of Gin is a liqueur of very nicely coordinated aromas of juniper berries and apples, balanced sugars and freshness. It leaves a slightly sweet and juicy taste on the palate, and the aroma of juniper berries irresistibly resembles gin, but in a slightly different variant that guarantees a fun drinking experience.

Good Spirit Distillery since 2016 offers on the market liqueurs and brandies produced in the traditional way using only natural ingredients. The base for all liqueurs is a wine distillate from their own production, which is then enriched with fruit, spices, herbs in the process of maceration. All liqueurs are unique on the market and are characterized by specific flavours (sage/lemon, anise, coffee, herbs).

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