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Homebrewing meeting in Pivana

Zagreb’s Pivana hosted a meeting of beer lovers in order to exchange experiences and knowledge about home brewery. Under the moderation of the radio director and beer fan Milan Peh, they discussed the ingredients of beer and details in their preparation process, cooking styles and preservation and procedures in the production of this drink.

"Beer has long been far more than just a popular drink in its preparation with a wider range of ingredients with which the small brewers experiment today, and the decisive ingredient is often love and enthusiasm in its preparation," said master brewer Mirko Banic Ištuk, who lectured on beer theory, as well as the importance of water as a key ingredient for beer.

Representatives of the small brewery Hotch Potch, as well as last year's home brewer winners, presented their experiences of opening their own brewery. Juicy Pale ale of these breweries can already be found in better-equipped stores, and their experiences served as an inspiration to beer enthusiasts who have not yet decided on their own beer story.

New home brewery equipment (home-brewing equipment) was also presented and a new beer from Grif's micro-brewery was sampled. The Grif Mikropivovara is open at the end of 2017 and produces fresh, aromatic, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.


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