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Inovation in Sirovica Vineyard

Stjepan Sirovica's Vineyard invented a spinner for casting flails. This innovation and Sirovica wines were presented at the family winery in Lokošin Dol, near Mladina, about thirty kilometres from Zagreb to Karlovac.

Sirovica Family

Before, the flails were stapled with wooden or metal drum, which required extra effort, and the person could be injured. Stjepan Sirovica made a device consisting of a square iron tube that is placed on a cart and there is a lever on it that has two legs that serve to pressure the foot towards the ground. This makes it very easy to set the flails. There is no need to dig through the hole, but by pressing the pipes into the ground, immediately one can make the hole in which the flail is placed and then the pipe is removed. Thus, four men were able to crew 1,500 in one day, while in a classic way, 8 to 10 people needed the same job.

In the area of Plešivica there are 33 registered wineries, among which the famous "wine" names are Tomac, Šember, Korak, Braje and others. Otherwise in the "wine world" there is another winery with the same name and surname, Stjepan Sirovica from Samoborsko Prekrižje.

In the Sirovica family, the tradition of viticulture has been present though generations, but the first label came out in 1992. As a craftsman of viticulture, the Sirovica wine-growing company has been operating since 1991 and the first quality wine came on the market in 2005. The cellar capacity is 100000 litres. We tried Sylvaner, Pinot white and noir, cuvee Madam nigra (a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Franconian and Pinot Noir) and Riesling 2017 and the young Graševina 2018. New on the market are thousand bottles of Pinot Noir 2017 and Rose is also prepared using this wine. All the wines were dry and of good quality and they were fixed in wooden barrels.

The vineyards are well-sunken in south-eastern locations, favouring better grape juice and higher quality wines. The Sirovica family has 18,000 plants on three hectares. Viticulture is a job done by the whole family, Stjepan and her wife Jasna, and children Silvia (student of the Agronomy Faculty) and 16-year-old Marko.


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