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New vintages of Benvenuti Wines

At Lake Bundek in Zagreb, new vintages of Benvenuti wine from Kaldir from Istria were presented for the first time. "Spring gathering on the occasion of the presentation of new wine vintages has somehow already become a tradition. For us, this event marks the beginning of a dynamic period and more intensive work in the vineyard, and for our friends the beginning of enjoying better weather and sunny afternoons with fresh wines, "said Albert Benvenuti, who presented wines with his brother Nikola: Malvasia 2020, Rose 2020, Malvasia Anno Domini 2018, then red wine Caldierosso 2018 and dessert wine Corona Grande 2016.

The Benvenuti brothers described each wine presented:

Malvasia 2020 - Malvasia is our based wine to which we pay the most attention. We always strive to balance freshness, that is, refreshing character, structure, and durability. Therefore, on the one hand, our Malvasia is adorned with fruitiness and minerality, and at the same time, it has layering, depth and storage potential. It usually enters its ideal form a year after the harvest and stays in that condition for three to five years.

Rosé 2020 - Teran naturally exudes freshness. When we make rosé from it, we try to preserve that freshness. With a small addition of ten per cent merlot, we also emphasise the fruit aroma and finally shape the structure and body. We believe that this wine is an ideal choice for refreshing warmer days, it is fragrant and refreshing, and at the same time dry and juicy enough to accompany classic grilled dishes and all kinds of salads.

Malvasia Anno Domini 2018 - Malvasia Anno Domini is a more complex and aged wine with the potential for long-term storage. We do it only in good years when nature provides ideal parameters for this type of wine. We ripen it in older large wooden barrels, aromatically neutral, in which it develops its varietal components and emphasizes the terroir seal. It is a wine with a very long lifespan, suitable for wine collectors and true lovers of the noble properties of aged wines.

Caldierosso 2018 - Caldierosso is our basic red wine obtained from teran mixed with Nebbiolo, merlot and tempranillo. We named it after the place Caldier we come from (Caldier), in the vicinity of which there are vineyards where his grapes grow. Teran in blend is in charge of authenticity and juiciness, Nebbiolo for tannin spine and aromas of red fruit, merlot for fruitiness and body, and tempranillo for structure and Mediterranean note. All together it gives a layered wine with finesse that exudes fruitiness and Istrian liveliness.

Corona Grande 2016 - Our basic dessert wine that comes from the vineyard of the same name. It is a blend of Istrian Malvasia and white Muscat with a smaller share of a rare local catch variety. Corona Grande is a late harvest that is then further dried up to three months after harvest to concentrate the sugar and balance the acids to an ideal level. The year 2016 is one of the best years for dessert wines due to the regular and balanced change of precipitation and sunny periods. Vegetative development in this year, as from the textbook, enabled the vine to develop without stress and a complete balance of acids and sugars in full maturity. Later, by drying, this balance was only further emphasized and the sweetness and freshness were preserved in the wine, despite its sweetness.


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