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Sixth Dubrovnik FestiWine

FINO & VINO's Zagreb Wine Friendly Restaurant presented the 6th Dubrovnik FestiWine Program, which will be held from 22 to 28 April.

About the rating of the "Dubrovnik FestiWine Trophy" at thePalace Hotel, where the international court team will choose the best wines, spoke one of the permanent judges, the champion, the wine journalist and evaluator, Željko Suhadolnik. "The Dubrovnik wine rating is thoroughly and consistently led by the president of the commission Bojan Kobal. Evaluation takes several days and judges have the time to evaluate each wine seriously, and these are world renowned judges who convey and pronounce a voice about Croatian wines in the world! "said Suhadolnik.

Wine Workshop Coordinator, prof. Marija Vukelić, announced the wine programe on Friday (26 April). It is devoted to original varieties of the south: malvasia dubrovačka, pošip and grk, while the program on Saturday (27.4.) is conceived as a presentation of the guests' wine and friends of the festival: workshop of Hvar Ahearne wines led by Jo Ahearne and meeting of the sweet east and south - a Slavonia dessert wine workshop with Dalmatian desserts.

A special guest presentation was Jure Tomič from Slovenia, chef of the Gala Dinner on 25.4. He has presented his philosophy of cooking, which he will try to convey to the students coming to his practice, supported by the Gala dinner. He also announced a dinner menu. They will serve Amuse bouche - trout and potatoes and Tezoro malvasija dubrovačka bijela 2018. by the Crvik winery. The deer dish will blend with Pošip, 2017 from the OPG Zlatko Bačić. Jacob's caps, broccoli and ginger puree will be served with the Skaramuča Elegance pošip, 2017. Cuttlefish, polenta and Krško polje pork will go well with the Pinot Noir, 2009 by the Kalazić winery, Lamb chops is served with Dingač 2011 by the Winery Dingač, and strawberry sorbet with horseradish and asparagus and chocolate figs sounds perfect with the Malvasija Dubrovačka, 2016 by the winery Karaman.

The festival is primarily intended for promotion of the wine-makers of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, but also for wine-makers elsewhere. Therefore, at the presentation was the representative of the Zagreb winery Agris Boris Lešić, who said: "The accompanying program of the Festival is extremely interesting, so wineries come to the workshops to learn something new. We look forward to introducing our Škrlet as an aperitif this year at the Gala Evening! "


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