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Street food in Slavonia way

People live in Slavonia for the last eight thousand years, the oldest Indo-European calendar has been found there, the wine was bottled almost 200 years before Burgundy and Bordeaux, and the first beer in the world was produced, as well as the first Croatian sparkling wine. Slavonia also has the largest church square after Rome, it had the first mint of money in Croatia and for the first time in Croatia a soccer ball rolled here and tennis was played.

In Zagreb at the Procaffe Winery, the directors of five tourist boards presented the Slavonian tourist offer with top Slavonian wines and dishes prepared by the chefs of the Danube Hotel in Ilok, the first holder of the Michelin recommendation in that part of Croatia. Martina Jakelić, director of the Virovitica-Podravina County Tourist Board, Maja Jakobović Vukušić, director of the Pozega-Slavonia County Tourist Board, Ružica Vidaković, director of the Brod-Posavina County Tourist Board, Mislav Matić, Assistant Director of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, and Rujana Bušić Srkovar , who is also the coordinator of the Slavonia Cluster, presented the tourist attractions of the easternmost Croatian region.

"Slavonia is a destination that has everything to offer 365 days a year. One of the main motives of our visit is gastronomy, we also have two nature parks Kopački rit and Papuk. Slavonia offers a blend of tradition and the urban, the mighty Danube, but also the Sava and the Drava, vineyards, the Golden Valley, the Noble Route, Požeška Gora, Psunj, Erdut and Bansko Brdo. There are cycling routes, quads, kayaking, hiking and more, ”said Mislav Matišić.

And the cracklings (čvarci) were the best introduction to the specialties that were presented by the Tourist Board of the Požega-Slavonia County on Advent in Zagreb at Starčević Square. In front of the four Advent houses for appetizers, ham, bacon, cheese and kulen were served alongside the cracklings. The main course was served with funky pork burgers, then cabbage rolls and finally a buncek in a sandwich. With the Slavonian plum brandy in the cold day, heaters were not needed, and the top wines and sparkling wines came from Kutjevo, one of the three vineyards of the Požega-Slavonia County. “For the gourmet experience of our county we did not accidentally choose a new location within the Advent in Zagreb. There is an emphasis on ecology and ecological materials, and we support these principles in Požega-Slavonia County, a well-known green destination in the area of ​​Papuk Nature Park, a Croatian geopark protected by UNESCO. We have shown how to successfully combine the trends of modern and traditional cuisine, ”said Maja Jakobović Vukušić, director of the Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board.

“The favourite of the Slavonian cold plate is the cracklings with peppers, made in the Požega area, and we are especially known for the pork rolls and porkwich and steakwich, real surprises for the palate. Our sausages are without additives, made from quality home-made meat, "said Požega resident Nikola Stanišić, one of the owners of Funky Food. Slavonian dishes in the street food variant are a good way for the urban audience to get acquainted with the diversity and beauty of the cuisine of Požega-Slavonia County. Its famous brand Flavours of Golden Slavonia was presented in a new one-gastro brochure of the county tourist board and the presentation in Zagreb was organized in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Photo: Borna Saturday, Tomislav Smoljanović

Exe production, Marko Čolić



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