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Wine and Stews

In the recently opened restaurant Miki's in Zagreb, the fourth edition of the oeno-gastro project "Wine with a Spoon" was held. To match with top Croatian wines, Zagreb stews were selected and a seven-course menu was created and prepared by chef Nino Đurina.

The evening started with the refreshing sparkling TeraGino cocktails with Karbun Gin and Teranino from the Aura distillery, mixed with tonic and their brandies Biska and Šljivovica. Although the theme was Zagreb's "ćušpajz" (stew) chicken beets were served roped in the pancetta with a sparkling cocktail. The specialty of cocktail Karbun Gina is in the active charcoal that is served with it. It is inspired by the power of the last charcoal miners from Ćićarija, an area where only the natural ingredients that are crucial to the formation of this gin grow. Combined with Teranino, the teran liqueur, makes a winning combination.

Ravioli with chicken and carrot blended with Poletti Chardonnay from 2018. The wine was presented by Matteo Poletti, the seventh generation of this famous winery from the Istrian village of Markovac, not far from Višnjan. The features of this wine are pleasant acids and minerality, freshness makes it very tasty and powerful, and there are also fine notes of tropical fruit.

Pumpkin cream soup, decorated with a few drops of oil, was followed with Lectus Graševina 2017, presented by the director of Vinolog and oenologist Saša Zec. This Graševina comes from Vinolog's vineyards in Ilok. It is a warm yellow colour with scents of ripe apples and pears, seasoned with smells of hay. The taste is pleasant and lasting, while lively and balanced acids give it harmony.

Gregada with potatoes of three species of fish (hake, bream and grouper) was served alongside Agris Malvazija 2017. Special sympathies were reserved for the married couple Jadranka and Boris Lešić, who pointed out honest and shared work of their family. His wife deals with wine, and he is in charge of marketing. The boutique winery Agris does not have its vineyards but grapes come from top positions and from selected manufacturers. Malvazija was taken to the famous Istrian wine cellar Santa Lucia and was dressed in their winemaking workshop in Rakov Potok, near Zagreb, with expert oenological surveillance and modern technology. The wine is clear, with stems of yellow colour, the scent is clear, open and intense. Domestic fruit-floral notes of apples, peaches and acacia combine with herbal scents. On the palate is a dry, fresh, medium body, and the finale is a sign of a very pleasant greasy finish.

Veal with peas and dumplings is accompanied by the wine of Trapan Revolution 2016 (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and teran blend). Teran, a winning wine of this and all other black and rose wine wineries Trapan from the West Istrian Vineyard (Cuf beside Šišan, Pula) dominates and determines the wine. Freshness and violet colour of Teran, currant flavour of cabernet sauvignon, sour cherry and pepper and a bitter merlot fusion intertwine while the eye enjoys the dense viscosity of ruby red and cords of purple resin. The nose recognizes the long, fresh, delicate fineness, minerality and fine, broad and long taste afterwards.

The golden stew made of horsebean, chickpeas, lentils and bacon is combined with the finest wine of Brzica Merlot barrique 2014. This wine from the Erdut vineyards is deep red with a berry flavour, in which the currant, the unimpeachable tannins, is particularly rich in extracts and minerals. The bouquet is tasty and resembles the wood, as it ripe in the oak barrels.

There was also a delicatessen, bourbon vanilla pie with raspberries. Along with the cake, there was an unusual product of Šafran Winery, with a suitable name Summer Wine. This refreshing, aromatized wine cocktail with only 8.9% of alcohol is made from quality wine varieties and is enriched with natural aromas of strawberries, peaches, oranges, lemons and apples. Served with the cake and with the addition of fragments of fresh blueberries, peaches, pineapple and several ice cubes, it proved to be a magical combination for the end of another gastronomic adventure 'Wine with a Spoon'.

New, summer edition of 'Wine with a Spoon' was presented by oenogastronomist Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish. The authors of the project "Wine by the Spoon" are the journalists of the portal Fama news, Renata Cisar and Mustafa Topčagić. Miki's restaurant at Zagreb's Bundek (Brodska 1) is led by famous restaurant Miroslav Balent Miki with partner Antonijo Brešić.

photo: Julio Frangen



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