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Wine from Janjina

From Janjina, a place in the center of Pelješac, a young and promising winemaker Ivan Bezek came to the D lounge & Cigar bar of the Zagreb hotel Le Premier for the 26th "Wine talks with journalist Tomislav Stiplošek". These conversations are fun educational workshops tailored to both wine connoisseurs and wine lovers who are just learning, conceived as a talk show in which the audience actively participates.

Bezek Winery is a family winery that produces small series of wines from indigenous varieties from its own plantations (rukatac, pošip and plavac), liqueurs and wine vinegar. They are developing wine tourism, so, given that they produce small batches, most products are sold on the doorstep, so that Bezek wines can only be found in a few restaurants for now. Ivan Bezek is an educated oenologist. Its wines are technologically correct, but not subject to trends, but manage to carry a touch of originality and history of the Mediterranean.

White wines, Rukatac and Pošip have good acidity and freshness for Dalmatia. Several styles of wine are made from Plavac mali Bezek. These are strong and powerful wines. Bezek's Rosé has a small residual sugar that does not stand out and spoil the atmosphere of the wine and is stronger in colour than the usual rose wines and has a little more alcohol.

Among the guests of the Wine Talks was Tomislav Goluban, a blues musician, winner of four Porins, who performed several compositions, including the song Fast Train, which was created in collaboration with Ivica Kostelić. Bezek wine tasting was accompanied by a selection of delicacies. These were cured meat products of the company Igomat, which is synonymous with traditional Samobor meat products, cheeses of Lika cheese Vedrine, among which was "Cooked cheese" with spices, extra virgin olive oil from the Istrian oil mill Salvela, corn bread, focaccia with olives and pir bread with flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds from the Zagreb bakery Bread Club, which makes bread with natural yeast.

Recordings: Marko Čolić

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