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Wine Talks with Perak winery

At the "Wine Talks" in Procaffe, the Zagreb journalist Tomislav Stiplošek hosted the young forces of Perak family, Maja and Ivan. The Perak Vineyards are located in the Kutjevo wine region on the southern slopes of Krndija, between Kutjevo and Vetovo, in the heart of Slavonia. In a wide variety of sorts and ages, the most common is Graševina, which is exceptionally suitable viticulture in Kutjevo climate, which has beneficial for dry, high quality, predicate wines.

Surname Perak is not unknown in the wine world because their father, Ivica Perak, left a deep mark in Kutjevo d.d. Ivica Perak became the chief oenologist of Kutjevo in 1992 after replacing the Vlado Krauthaker and remained there until 2012, and then decided to produce his own wine. Along with existing vineyards on 5 hectares each year, new areas were planted, so now they cultivate vine on 12 ha, in Kutjevo positions of Mitrovac, Lukač and Venje.

The first independent grape harvesting from 2011 was awarded with a silver medal on Decanter 2012. Since then, the winery has won dozens of gold and champion titles on all the important wine exhibitions: Kutjevo, County wine appraisal, Gast Split, Maribor, BonaVita Trnava and other places.

Marketing was taken by Maja, while Ivan, who studies viticulture and pharmacy, helps his father in the vineyard and in the basement. EU rural development funds have begun arranging tourist accommodation for 12 people in the centre of Kutjevo near Graševina Square and expect funds from a "wine envelope" to build a new wine cellar with a capacity of 500,000 litres and an old cellar of 100,000 litres, as well as the new tasting room.

We have tried Sauvignon 2017 with 13% and Sauvignon 2018 with 12% of alcohol that went into a bottle for a month; Chardonnay 2018, which was created after two harvesting from the same vineyard in a 10-day period, with 12.5% alcohol and 5,6 acidity; Graševina Mitrovac 2017 and 2018, Yellow Moscatto from Lukač position. Yellow Moscatto was made on Maja’s insistence and this is the first harvest. Alcohol is 13.5 acids 6.5 and the family has produced 1200 litres. Merlot 2016 is from Lukač position, which besides Venje and Mitrovac is one of the best places in Kutjevo vineyard and has 13% alcohol and 5.5 acids. The wines also have a new, attractive label made by Mario Hlača.


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