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Wines fit for Diocletian

At the beginning of a full tourist season there is a great feast of the best wines and delicacies in Diocletian's basements in Split. Organized by Slobodna Dalmacija on 17th and 18th May in the 1700-year-old cellars of the Roman Emperor, the UNESCO World Heritage List, Croatian wineries, of course Dalmatian, will showcase their pride of the bottles, their best and the latest wines that visitors will discover with tasting of cheeses, prosciutto, fish, olive oil and chocolate.

Wine legends, as well as some new young wineries, will present the best droplets from their basements, so the visitors will be able to taste the entire mosaic of the fine wines in the ancient space. Dalmatia will offer, in addition to world wines, autochthonous varieties. Top-quality Plavac and Pošip, Kaštela crljenac and malvasija of Dubrovnik, Plavina, Maraština, Lasina, Kujundžuša of Imotski, Zlatarica of Vrgorac and Trnjak will be available for tasting. Slavonia will be presented with its finest Graševina and there will be also the Traminer from Ilok on the River Danube coast. There will be also wines from Croatian Zagorje. Krk will offer its Žlahtina and Istria Malvasia and Teran.

There will also be a workshop "Renaissance of Šibenik wines and vineyards". Goran Zdunić will talk on the Korčula Women's Wine Workshop about some of the best-known wines such as Cetinka, Zlatarica Blatska (mother of Pošip) and Grk who is actually Grkinja (female version). The agrometeorologist Marko Vučetić will talk about the latest and important discoveries of the shifting of grape maturations, especially Plavac Mali and Graševina, and how climate change has already obviously affected the yield of vineyards. As part of the Wine Cellar this year, the wine-growers from Winebox Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan will be hosting wine schools for visitors.

Wine was adored in the Roman era. It was mixed with water and various seasonings, according to records by Pliny Old, and here were various types of wine. Certainly, Diocletian enjoyed wine as well as we are sure he would be astonished by wines we drink today!



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