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Fine dining at Korana Srakovčić

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

An exclusive four-star hotel, situated on the bank of the river Korana and surrounded by a centuries-old park, has become a symbol of Karlovac gastronomy. Hotel Korana-Srakovčić features its restaurant Dobra, with a lovely terrace for a business lunch, intimate or family celebrations. The restaurant cares for slow food dining, based on the traditional local products with a modern twist.

Tastes and flavours, accompanied by an excellent service and spectacular view on river Korana, are based on meat delicacies, freshwater fish, and rich wine offer. Korana Srakovčić is famous for its mushrooms dishes, especially porcini and other varieties, and excellent beefsteaks.

A specialty of the house is duck, including duck breasts with mlinci. Many guests come here to enjoy homemade chicken, lamb and veal, and season foods. Given the proximity to the river Korana it is only natural that restaurant offers freshwater fish in a town on four rivers.

Our own dining experience in Korana Srakovčić was nothing less than spectacular in its imagination, blending of nature and local tradition on a plate, followed by best wine choices.

Our starting point was trout fillet with buckwheat porridge and Swiss chard, in essence an introduction to the river basins around Karlovac, melted with the buckwheat culinary tradition of the continental Croatia. The rivers were always a rich source of pike, perch, catfish, and carp. Thus, our starter was followed by fish soup, possibly a bit odd for continental lunch, but perfectly matched with the four rivers region.

The contact point between river valleys and dense forests gives good options for hunting and game dishes. In the past people used jay eggs to enrich their cuisine, and today Srakovčić offers quail eggs as a starter.

Our main dish was deer steak with cranberries and gnocchi (comes also with polenta), a testimony to the hunting tradition and care for game dishes, both of big-game and small ones, such as rabbits, pheasants, etc.

Desserts in Srakovčić are again a mastery of its own. Although strudel is common in restaurants all over Karlovac County, we were surprised with excellent štrukli, a dish belonging to more northern places in Croatia. A signature dessert is for sure the Snow Queen, itself a work of obvious expertise.

And while the hotel, consisting of 15 double rooms and three business suites, with wellness centre, business centre, and all other features, stand as an urban pleasure, Srakovčić made an integral hotel in the Heart of Nature in Ribnik. Here, a three-star accommodation ethno-village gives a rural idyll feeling in traditional architectural environment.

The place has a restaurant Petrova klet dedicated to old-recipes, fresh food from the nearby garden, surrounded by rolling hills and forests. Close by is the wine tasting room, where guests can try wines from Ozalj, Vivodina, and Jastrebarsko vineyards, together with homemade brandies, natural apple juice, etc. The foods here are high quality eco-products, honey, cheese, ham, sausages, jams, cakes.

Accommodation in old and authentic wooden and stone houses combines the experience and guarantees a perfect rural vacation.

Hotel Korana Srakovčić Perivoj Josipa Vrbanića 8, 47000 Karlovac +385 47 609 090

Video by: Visit Karlovac

Photos: Taste of Adriatic and Korana Srakovčić


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