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Enjoyments beneath the vaults - Pod Prevolt

In a typical small Krk village of Milohnić there is a place that may well be the best tavern on the whole island. This is quaite a bold statement, which has numerous reasons to be true. The owners point to the fact that food is homemade and cared for in vicinity of some 500 metres. Some guests admire the old stone house, which is typical representantive of the local architecture. Others say the hospitality is what conquers the people’s hearts here.

To us it is all that – and more. To sit down with the owner and talk about almost anything, and especially the history of the place and life here, makes such a big difference to other places which might have also good food and excellent wine. But food in tavern Pod Prevolt is simply perfect.

The place owns its name to a vault next to the tavern itself. It has a beautifully preserved stone tavern with an old-style fireplace where lamb, chicken, octopus, or veal under the baking lid can be ordered. External stairs lead to a small terrace, next to the kitchen. Our arrival in late spring was welcomed by beautiful scent of a jasmine bush and typical pre-summer afternoon, when wine is good, food is great, company relaxed, and life is so easy!

Pod Prevolt is dedicated to the old-fashion, traditional and homemade food. Among these, šurlice are standard offer. Katica, the owner and the chef, tells us šurlice were made only for weddings and some religious holidays and should be approached to with respect this meal deserves. She made us astonishing traditional šurlice with lamb stew, as it was made for decades. If you like lighter meat, then definitely go for the cock with various pasta, a specialty of the house.

This hidden jam of Western Krk is famous among guests for its octopus dishes. Nearby sea shore offers excellent octopus, from the clean waters between Krk and Cres. And when it comes in traditional style, under the baking lid, it brings all the scents of Krk cuisine. The food in Pod Prevolt comes with the season, adding special care to home grown vegetables and ingredients.

Pod Prevolt is favourite among the guests as well as the locals, testifying the quality of the house, as it holds the Kvarner Food brand.

Pod Prevolt Milohnici 21 b, Krk +38551862149


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