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Mini Cheese Farm - OPG Miščević

Mr Milan Miščević is probably the most famous cheese maker in the Ogulin-Josipdol area, and presides over the cheese producing association in the Karlovac County. Enough to pay him a visit, especially because we were enjoying his products while eating in Restaurant Frankopan and Restaurant Gradina. Pure enjoyment and fresh taste of Miščević Cheese is supplemented by the sheer hospitality and sip of homemade brandy (rakija) in the tasting room.

Family farm Miščević is practically in the centre of Josipdol, and works under the professional eye of Mrs Radmila Miščević, specialised for the milkman-cheese maker profession. The same educational program finished her husband Milan who welcomed us to the estate. It is situated in the ecologically clean nature, embraced by the tradition of making cheese. Miščević family does it already 30 years.

These cow cheeses are usually enriched with herbs. Astonishingly, this rather small cheese manufactory makes nine kinds of cheese! Apart from smoked cheese, other smoked cheese varieties are: Ličanin (with chive, parsley, and garlic), Ljutko (with hot pepper), Mediteran (with basil, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram), Bear Leek, Konti (with chive, parsley, cumin, dill, and onion), Papar Mix (with pepper mix and red pepper), Maslina (with olives), Kadulja (with sage). Apart from it, you can find excellent and fresh Škripavac.

The wall of the producing area is adorned with numerous awards for these cheeses, especially for Škripavac, smoked cheese, and others. Since last year you can all try these cheeses in a special tasting room. Next to cheese, guests can also try homemade ham, sausages, and bacon. With a view on nearby forest and meadows one can really feel the village hospitality!

Every Miščević cheese has its own particular feeling and taste, and can be blended with variety of wines, brandies, or cured meat products. But essence of all these cheeses is to preserve the traditional recipes, production without additives, and customs, while adding flavours and aromas of the local Croatian areas.

OPG MIŠČEVIĆ Senjska 83, 47303 Josipdol 00385 98 739 637



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