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Exit if you can - Story of Medvedgrad

Zagreb's Upper and Downtown courtyards are full of surprises. I have looked in one in 63 Vlaška Street, where the Escape Room Exit if You Can is situated, right next to a famous restaurant and hostel. It is a story of two sisters, Fiora Stanić and Vanda Leipold. With the overwhelming help of their families, they have decided to enrich the Zagreb tourist offer with this increasingly popular kind of amusement.

Escape rooms are spaces for up to five persons who have to work together and use their senses and have a lot of fun. Besides, if you have people named Fiora and Vanda running it, the world of legends and tales is already present even before you step inside one of such rooms.

Out site is about food and gastronomy, but this story is unavoidable although it may not be a gastro-feature you might expect. It is the enthusiasm of Mrs. Fiora which is to blame for this article and a great experience. This Escape Room is part of the project connected with two legends of Zagreb. One is a tale of the Miracoulous machine of Alojz Purger, while the other is all about Medvedgrad, the ancient stronghold on the hills of Medvednica, a mountain that gives an unavoidable background of Zagreb's scenery.

Legend has it that five hundred years ago Medvedgrad was ruled by an evil queen which loved only three things: her gold, her town, and herself. When an enemy army attacked Medvedgrad, the queen asked for help from her neighbour rulers. But no one would help her. The devil is also intertwined in the story and he offers his help. What happens next is a secret which you have to find out yourself, but one of the games involved is also the treasure quest. Our interest in this game is Medvedgrad itself and its mythical Black Queen.

Medvedgrad is a fort built in 1254 and it situated on the hills of Medvednica – the Bear Mountain – which is today Natural Park. The fort is built after the catastrophic arrival of Tatars and its purpose was to protect the citizens of dual towns, Gradec – town of craftsmen and merchants, and Kaptol – rich seat of the priests. The two towns form the historical centre of the present Zagreb. Because of its perfect strategic position, Medvedgrad was itself in the centre of political quarrels. It was never attacked, but its masters did pillage the surrounding villages and town of Zagreb. Among the infamous owners was the noble family Celjski, and countess Barbara Celjska was known as the Black Queen. The town was abandoned in 1950, after an earthquake which destroyed one of the forts. Legend has it that this demolition was made possible by the numerous tunnels dug to find the mythical treasure of the Black Queen.

Yes, I was a bit worried how will I play this game, as I haven't done Escape Rooms before. Will I ever exit the room?! Luckily, here is always kind Mrs. Fiora with her bright smile and small hints that are really helpful in the story. At the same time, she gives enough time to find out all the traces and riddles. I cannot describe the game itself, as you have to find out the ways yourself, but I can indeed express joy after a solved task. Outer world seems left behind the doors; a new world of imagination opens, where there are no work problems nor century where you live. Everything is very good though of and planned, and it is visually very pleasant.

An hour and a half in the world of knights, castles and evil queens make sense of Albert Einstein's thought that everything is relative. You cannot but ask yourself, what are really space and time – without leaving this apartment in the centre of Croatian capital. A true climax is finding the treasure! Joy is best shared with friends, family, but even for your work colleagues in a manner of a team building.

Escape Rooms are already known worldwide. They are very suitable for tourists as well as the citizens of Zagreb. I have to thank Fiora and Vanda for making my evening pleasant and for excellent fun I had with my friends. It is our pleasure to invite you to the Escape Room Exit if You Can as fun is guaranteed. Now, it's time for me to get lost in another story of Alojz Purger and his mystical machine... Can't wait to play it!

Get your entry card by contacting Fiora and Vanda:

Vlaška 63/1, Zagreb

+385 (0)97 7333 777



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