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Happy Birthday, J-I-S-T!

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The Viškovo's restaurant J-I-S-T celebrates its first year of working! First birthday is always special thing, so the owners invited us for a party on January 17th. While we were driving there, we recollected all the aromas and scents we tried in our previous visit to the restaurant already known for its aged steaks and excellent sauces.

Another special thing of this place is that it serves exclusively Croatian products. It developed a nice cooperation with local food producers and butchers, with an excellent wine list from all the Croatian wine regions.

In the past year, however, most people came here to taste the high-quality meat, and especially steaks in some thirty different varieties. Next to it, one might find dried meat delicacies and pasta, favourite among the guests. Some combinations are quite novel and might look strange at first; don't worry, the main thing is to try as many things as possible, as the imagination of the chef Darjan Urdih is really wide.

The management was also very skilful in the past year, preparing different events and feature days, like the Valentine's Day. The restaurant's ambient is just superb, combining the traditional Mediterranean konoba with a steak-house details.

So, happy birthday, J-I-S-T and have a lot of other celebrations!


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