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Time for Big Tuna

It is a tuna hunting season in the Adriatic and many places are preparing specialties from this fish. Family Šare from Mali Ston knows specially to make tartar or sashimi of Adriatic tuna. They showed it in their restaurant Bota Šare in Zagreb. Among many guests, they welcomed Croatian actors Ana Begić Tahira, Bojana and Enes Vejzović, and Croatian water polo player Lovro Miloš.

"The most important is the freshness and origin of foods. It's a real time to hunt for big tuna, so we used one just caught in the northern Adriatic to show all the benefits of this fish, and for gastronomy lovers we prepared some specialties. With fresh fish, for premium tartar or sashimi, olive oil, potatoes, pepper, Ston salt, sea fennel and salt sardines are needed, "said Zrinka Šare.

According to World Health Organization data, tuna consumption is good for the prevention of heart and blood vessel diseases and stroke because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol.


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