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Barbieri's Masterwork: Veliki kuharski kanconijer

In the Society of Croatian Writers, the publishing house V.B.Z. presented a new book by Veljko Barbijeri Veliki kuharski kanconijer. It is the crown of Barbieri's participation in gastronomic literature, in which he studies and promotes gastronomy through interesting texts of high literary level. Barbieri's readers and admirers of various dishes are guided through numerous stories from the world of culinary art, followed by many recipes, along with author's photographs and artistic images and illustrations in which gastronomy takes center stage, at the choice of the author, which are an integral part of each chapter.

As a writer and gastronomy author, Barbieri has been working with many Croatian, Italian, German and Slovenian weekly magazines since the 1980s, and from his columns there were numerous books and cookbooks published that had a great success and received significant domestic and foreign prizes, including the Gourmand, the award at the Barcelona Book Fair for Best Food Literature (2003), and the Best Book of Gastronomy in the Mediterranean in Sweden (2005). At the Croatian Radio and Television Barbieri has been conducting for years a series of food history as a part of history of civilization.


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