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Basque Steaks in Zagreb

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Ambassador of the Basque Meat Tradition Imanol Jaca and owner of one of the largest beef distributors around the world, Txogitxu from San Sebastian, made a gourmet spectactle at the Chevo's restaurant in Zagreb. Txogitxu is present in nineteen countries, providing meat for more than 1000 restaurants and deals with over 1,000 subcontractors. Imanol Jaca arrived in Croatia on the occasion of opening the Croatian market for Spanish steaks. The presentation was organized by Eko Nomad d.o.o. under the brand GastroBranimir.

Txogitxu is known for beef meat with substantial fat in the muscles of cattle aged up to twenty years. A special delicacy is provided with a flavour of fats in which the fragrances and aromas of free roaming cows. Meat of old cattle changed the perception of top-quality steaks. Txogitxu meat is on the menus of the restaurants with three Michelin stars, including the famous Arzak in San Sebastian, which is on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

"When we talk about Basque identity, language is in the first place, but it is closely followed by a gastronomic culture. We are the only country that generates old and fat cattle," Imanol Jaca reveals, noting it is not enough just to wait until the cow grows old. "Generations have learned the technique of recognizing high-quality cattle, but the skill of preparation is also very important," Jaca notes.

Along with the sketches of Basque history and culture, Imanol Jaca told the Zagreb audience how to cut the beef's meat in the right way and how it is prepared. The slices were baked at 200 ° C for about four minutes on each side to make the meat reddish. It is enough to season it with sea salt, and in order to remain warm it shall be served in hot ceramic plates (60-80 ° C).

The pride of Txogitxu is also a sausage from Iberico pigs, and txistorra sausage made from the rubia gallega beef. Txogitxu steaks can now be tasted in a dozen restaurants in Zagreb.

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