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Agritourism Podastrana - Heritage of Hrvace

Going north from Sinj towards the stone walls of Dalmatia, the strong Dinaric chain, brings you to the place of Hrvace. Julije Bajamonti says that it is one of the most beautiful villages in Croatia, named simply from the words Hrvati, Hrvatska, Hrvatice (all meaning Croatia or Croatians). In this most beautiful village, there is also one of the most beautiful agritourisms in Dalmatia, Podastrana, a place of pleasure and rest for all age groups. It is run by the Odžak family, whose ancestors have been engaged in farming all their lives as the only way to maintain family life. Today, all this tradition has become intertwined in the unique offer of the Cetina region.

Along with prosciutto, cheese and fritters (uštipak) as traditional appetizers of this part of Dalmatia, in the stone tavern you can hear the entire history of this family, which was one of the most prosperous in the area through which the Cetina River flows and tells the story of the region's rich past. Many wanted Cetina for themselves, from the Romans until recently, but few managed to really live with the karst beauty. The great-grandfathers of Odžak succeeded in this and became part of the rich historical heritage that dates back to 1725, which is recorded in Alberghetti's land register.

This history is outlined both in the name of the family and in the menu. From a linguistic point of view, the meaning of the surname Odžak means a nobleman's or bey's house, the door of which is always open for intending travelers and in which the fire on the hearth is therefore never extinguished. Old dishes such as stuffed peppers, sauerkraut, and especially Sinj arambaši come from this very hearth, carefully preserved in the recipes of the villages that seem to be competing to prepare the best flavors.

Aware of its interesting past, today the Odžak family owns several hectares of arable land, where it is mainly engaged in the preparation of cherry products (cherry syrups, lemon balm and nettles are in great demand!) and animal husbandry (lamb and suckling pig on the spit are inevitable), and all in the purpose of a healthy lifestyle in the heart of Dalmatian Zagora.

The family produces its own beverages, homemade wine, brandy made from cherries, walnuts, and apples, and with songs, accordion and guitar, the Odžak family promises a good time in their household. Here you can also taste ajvar, fig marmalade, rosehips, peaches and apples, flower honey, tomato sauce, hunter's salad, hot pepperoni, pickled green tomatoes, and all this testifies to how generous the area around Hrvace is.

Books have been written and movies have been made about the beauty of the Cetina region, but there is nothing better than when the hosts show you where to go and enjoy nature. For those who are eager for activities in nature, there are also interesting things of sports content, from archery and ax throwing to zipline and cycling. The goal was to use all the benefits that nature gave us. Everyone who dares to live to the fullest is welcome in Podastrana!

But resting and sleeping in agritourism itself offers its benefits. Accommodation brings every guest back to the previously told story of the Odžak family, with all the benefits of modern times. The evenings here are filled with laughter and pleasure, and the mornings with chirping birds and peace. Anyone interested should take the route to Hrvace:

Agritourism Podastrana, Hrvace, Croatia, 21233

+385 91 619 4723

Photos: Agrotourism Podastrana

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