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Blend of Hvar's Wine and Chocolate

Hvar Wines Carić and chocolate truffles Gamulin Chocolates merged on Friday night (December 18) at a zoom workshop on pairing wine and chocolate. After several live tastings in previous years in Jelsa, Split and Zagreb, the organizers decided to brighten up the pre-dinner time for wine and chocolate lovers with this unusual gathering, where, in addition to guided tasting - there was also poetry! The workshop was moderated by Marija Vukelić, project manager of the Alphabet of Fine Snacks, Ivana Ksrtulović Carić, marketing director of the winery Carić from Svirče, presented her two top wines Pošip and Plavac Mali and Fedra Gamulin, creator and owner of Gamulin chocolate in Jelsa - told how her chocolate, with original flavours of Hvar, is made.

Participants tasted Carić's Pošip 2018 and the multi-award-winning Plovac Ploški Barrique 2013, each wine with 4 different pralines, two white and two dark ones. Pralines had an interesting filling, so the participants of the workshop in their homes were able to discover Hvar through smelling, tasting and thinking about the island - fennel, figs, almonds, lemon, carob, honey, fig, hot orange, with a filling of dried figs, toasted almonds and fennel - each ingredient further enhanced the herbality of Pošip but also its specific final, pleasing bitterness. Dark chocolate truffle with fig and hot orange powder paired with the Ploški barrique 2013 was voted as the best.

The verses were recited by Hvar poets: Katarina Makjanić with her poem about figs, and Zorka Bibić about oranges. Zorka Bibić emphasized that Hvar is one of the most aromatic islands and that she hopes that chocolate truffles will become one of the recognizable brands of Hvar. The surprise of the evening was the poet Enes Kišević who recited several songs, one of them intended for wine and chocolate "In Love", and the young Ljubo Carić (son of Ivana and Ivo Carić) additionally cheered everyone up with his Christmas song Borić za Božić.

The evening was filled with a special energy. Comments about wines and chocolate intertwined with beautiful verses. Enes Kišević stated at the end of the tasting that "Wine is the soul we see", and after the workshop, inspired by this event, he wrote a song.

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