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Eco Wines in Bedenica

Eco-Wine Fest will be held in Bedenica, near Svetog Ivan Zelina, on Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8, 2024.

"We decided to emphasize organic production of grapes and organic wines. Organic wines, unfortunately, do not yet have the place on the market that they deserve. In terms of quality, they are on a par with the best wines from conventional production. We hope that with this festival we will contribute to the fact that in the glasses of lovers of good wines as often as possible ecological ones will be found", said Dražen Bedeković, winemaker of Vina Bedeković and the founder of the concept of Eco-Wine Fest.

"The number of ecological winemakers and winegrowers in the County has doubled in the last two years. There are currently fourteen of them. The best winemakers of Zagreb County are turning to organic wine production. ", said Josip Kraljicković, Head of the Administrative Department for Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestry of the Zagreb County.

Eco-Wine Fest will be held in the Bedenica Cultural Center and in front of it. During the afternoon, visitors will be able to visit the stands of the exhibitors, and in the evening they will be able to enjoy the entertainment program. Vatra will perform on the first night, and Soulfingers on the second. Only organic wines, organic juices and water will be served. Visitors can also enjoy a gastronomic offer.

„I am proud that the Municipality of Bedenica, which is one of the smallest municipalities in Zagreb County, will co-organize this festival and contribute to the development of tourism", said Slavko Cvrlja, mayor of the Municipality of Bedenica.

"On the eve of the festival, on Monday, May 27, to be precise, an evaluation of ecological wines will be held in Bedenica, in which judges from the world's most respected wine evaluations will participate," said Ivo Kozarčanin, editor-in-chief of the Wine Club, wine publicist and co-head of the evaluation committee at Eco-Wine Fest.

The business secretary of the association Bregovita Hrvatska, Suzana Operman, pointed out that ecological winemakers from the central part of the country have created wines that win awards at prestigious world competitions.

You can taste wines from wineries Bolfan, Kopjar, Enjingi, Pilato, Rizman, Glavica, Plavinci, Schloss Ortenberg te drugih.

Photos: Božidar Banov


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