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From Đurina Hiža to your plate

Food delivery to us and especially to other countries of the world has long been "living" in the catering industry. In our country this is mostly pizza, but there are more and more people who use catering. But when the "coronal" time came, some stopped catering, others served food at the doors of their restaurants, some delivered meals to home addresses, and family farms primarily marketed agricultural produce.

When diligent hands fold, good ideas multiply, and Family farm Božić that offers home-made food moves from Varaždinske Toplice to five Croatian cities, and then much further. "In the past month, we have passed almost every corner of Croatia - from Slavonia, Dalmatia, Zagorje, Prigorje, Baranja all the way to Kvarner and Istria. A month ago, we started shipping to Zagreb, Varaždin and the surrounding area, and then to other parts of Croatia. and reorganized our team and decided to ship our products to all Croatian regions. " - says Nikola Božić with satisfaction.

The shipments include not only game sausages (boar, deer), dried homemade ham, bear onion pesto, homemade mom's bread or mowed fat, but also burgers and Tbone and Rib Eye steaks that have rested for thirty days in the Dry Age chamber. Mint and nettle syrup from the hills of Varaždinske Toplice and local wines, Riesling Rhine and Sauvignon are also being sent. Meat shipment instructions are also sent along with the shipments.

Most orders are received by mail. Food is delivered to the door at home and free of charge. Heroes are known for their torment. And while many are grumbling that all activities have stopped and there is no business, few, like OPG Božić, have taken this awful situation as a challenge and succeeded. Recordings: Sandro Sklepić


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