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Gastronomy on postal stamps

The Croatian Post has released a new commemorative postage stamp from the Croatian Proprietary Agricultural and Food Products series. The motifs shown on the postage stamps are Lika potatoes, Baranja kulen and peeled sauerkraut or sauerkraut.

Lika potatoes in Croatia since 2011 and in the European Union since 2015 have a protected geographical indication. The production of Lika potatoes covers the geographical area of Lika, and the production of seed potatoes of the varieties Desire, Bintje or Victoria and other varieties of similar characteristics, whose dry matter content is at least 19 percent. Lika potatoes have a smooth to rough shell, the skin is yellow to brown or reddish, and the color of the tuber meat is light white to yellow. The size of the tubers is a minimum of 35 millimeters and is oblong-oval in shape. The taste of this potato is specific, floury or crisp, precisely because of the higher percentage of dry matter, which is even more pronounced due to the specific climate of the Lika area, which makes Lika's potatoes special compared to potatoes produced in other areas. The inhabitants of Lika used the favorable natural conditions for the cultivation of Lika potatoes, which has a long tradition in the area, and has become the main food substitute for bread.

Baranja kulen has the same protection. The production of Baranja kulen includes the Baranja area, which is administratively comprised of the town of Beli Manastir and the municipalities of Bilje, Čeminac, Darda, Draž, Jagodnjak, Kneževi Vinogradi, Petlovac and Popovac. Baranja kulen is a fermented durable sausage, a product of shredded pork, seasoned with ground pepper and garlic, and pepper stuffed in a pork (caekum) or catfish. It is oval in shape and of solid consistency, the shape is determined by a sheath that is completely filled with the mixture. The weight of the finished product is at least 0.80 kg. In cross section, the Baranja kulen has a characteristic uniform appearance, which is achieved by using the same 8 mm granulation at the time of grinding the meat in preparation of the stuffing. Smoke dominates, characteristic of cold-smoked meat products. The taste of Baranja kulen is slightly angry due to the addition of ground pepper, with the characteristic aroma of smoked fermented meat supplemented with garlic and pepper.

Production of "Ogulin sauerkraut" covers the wider area of Ogulin and the municipalities of Josipdol, Plaški, Tounj and Saborsko. The product was obtained by malolactic fermentation of fresh cabbage of the indigenous Ogulin variety. It has specific morphological characteristics that distinguish it from other products produced by fermentation of fresh cabbage of other varieties. It has an extremely long stalk of cabbage head with many thin, almost transparent and very flexible leaves with thin leaf veins. The peculiarity is in round flat heads with yellow leaf color and less pronounced leaf nervousness. The peculiarity of “Ogulin sauerkraut” is based on its quality, which results from the characteristics of the cultivation area (climate, soil type of the Ogulin area and the indigenous cabbage variety) and the knowledge and skills of human factors in its production. For the acidification of "Ogulin sauerkraut" natural fermentation process is used and cabbage is added only 5-6% clear solution of salt and under anaerobic conditions lactic acid is created as a natural preservative.


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