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Ladies Cook - Pre-Christmas Gastronomy with a Female Touch

The Kotányi Gourmet Club was the site of true female pre-Christmas magic. Organized by Kotányi and Gaullt & Millau Croatia, there was a culinary workshop called Ladies Cook. The launch of the Gault & Millau Croatia 2020 gastronomic guide was announced at the workshop, and Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, director of Gault & Millau Croatia, noted that preparations for the third Gastronomic Academy Awards, which will take place on March 3, are in full swing. Lidija Drobac, director of Kotányi, emphasized that she was extremely pleased that three chefs of impressive biographies - Dragica Lukin, Floriana Ružić and Biljana Milina and successful winemaker Višnja Žugaj Zdjelarević - gathered in this space.

Quality ingredients and spices are the basis of any successful dessert and meal. Chefs used new Kotányi spices in their gastronomic creations: vanilla bourbon, natural lemon-flavored sugar, natural orange-flavoured sugar, and chopped lemon peel. The innovative desserts are complemented by Debic Culinaire - cooking cream, Debic Stand & Overrun - whipped cream, Debic Traditional butter - traditional butter and Debic Roast & Fry - liquid butter.

Dragica Lukin, a top pastry chef with an enviable Croatian and world career, has achieved almost everything she can achieve in the pastry world. She is a member of the Croatian Culinary Academy and president of the Croatian Confectionery Federation. She is also an honorary member of eight chef federations and owner of the Villa Soši pastry shop in the centre of Umag. The guests of this culinary workshop, who enjoyed homemade bread, bread with Mediterranean herbs, delicious buns and buckwheat bread, also made sure that love was woven into each of its desserts.

Floriana Ružić, chef of Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco, has enriched the traditional Istrian food with white truffle and barley and created a truly unique gastronomic delicacy. She gained her extensive knowledge by studying and working with renowned chefs from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, where she attended numerous training courses. Floriana, together with members of the Fernetich family, create a special taste and aroma experience from local and available fresh foods, for which San Rocco reaffirms its position as one of the leading restaurants in Istria.

Biljana Milina, chef and pastry chef of the Tavern Mate in Korčula, presented herself with a white chocolate and laurel mousse at the workshop, which delighted everyone present. Biljana's love for sweet delicacies owes to her mother and grandmother, but also to the Korčula heritage of dessert preparation. Thanks to her fantastic creativity, her courage to use aromatic herbs in her sweet creations, and above all her great love for her work, Biljana Milina deserves to wear the Gault & Millau Croatia 2019 Chef Pastry Chef.

Superb gastronomy goes hand in hand with delicious wines, and this part is taken care of by winemaker Višnja Žugaj Zdjelarević. This agronomy engineer runs the Zdjelarević winery with her family. In addition, she is the founder and owner of the Vinoretum Winery, whose goal is to bring the high quality Croatian wines produced in smaller batches closer to the market. Her wine cellar often hosts educational wine trials through which Croatia presents itself as a wine-growing country. Zdjelarević wines from the Z light series perfectly complemented the interesting gastronomic story. This batch is made up of extremely light wines with a lower alcoholic strength, suitable for daily consumption. These are young, one-year-old wines that are characterized by extremely delicate, primarily floral and fruity aromas and a distinct lightness of drinkability. The tasty representatives of the "Z light" series are: Z-Light Žlahtina Malvazija 2018, Count Grasecco / No.vintage and Count Classic Muscatino / No.vintage.

Kotányi Gourmet Club in Savska 116, a unique space for the exchange of experience and knowledge, and this time brought together all those who always find pleasure in learning and superb gastronomy.

Danira Orešić





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