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Silver for King Harmony

At the annual conference of the International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers, King Harmony won silver in the category of Most Innovative Ice Cream, and Ledo was also awarded for the best technical solution related to its last year's investment in production.

King Harmony, pistachio and berry ice cream, is a combination of unusual flavours and textures that ice cream experts rated as one of the most innovative of the past year. The IICC (International Ice Cream Consortium) awarded it a silver award in the category of Most Innovative Ice Cream at its regular annual conference, after the presentation and tasting of ice creams produced around the world. The way King Harmony combines the taste of pistachio ice cream enriched with soft pistachio topping, dipped in berry topping and Belgian white chocolate has now received international recognition.

"We are happy that we will soon present more innovations in the King portfolio to the market," said Andrea Klišanić, Marketing Manager of the Adriatic cluster from the company Ledo plus.

In addition to ice cream, Ledo also won an award in the category related to technology. Namely, the reconstruction of the tunnel for freezing ice cream in Ledo was recognized as the best technical solution last year.

"Preparations for the extrusion line, where our premium segment of ice cream will be produced, primarily King products, are already underway. It is a line worth around 4.2 million euros that will make us an even more modern producer of high-quality ice cream," said Andy Michaux, general manager of Leda.

The annual conference of the International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers was held in Guatemala this year, from which Ledo returned with these two awards.

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