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Sparkling Zagorci in Vuglec Breg

On the Vuglec breg at Boris Vuglec, in the lull between the two attacks of the coronavirus, sparkling wine flowed in "streams". Hundreds of wine lovers came to the sparkling Zagorje breakfast in the vineyard and wandered around Vuglec's ethno village. Next to the restaurant there are a dozen Zagorje houses that look like rural on the outside and the interior is luxuriously decorated. Four kilometres away from Krapinske toplice, Vuglec breg has been attracting guests for years because of local food and wine from Vuglec winery. Many families came so children could ride ponies and play tennis and small sports courts could be used. On a spacious beautifully maintained meadow with a view of the hilly vineyard landscape, deckchairs were placed that turned the meadow into a Zagorje hilly sundeck.

The sparkling wines of Zagorje winemakers Boris Vuglec, Boris Drenški Bodren, Hrvoje Petrač and Tomislav Bolfan were drunk. With bubbles, strawberries and cherries, breakfast was prepared by the restaurant Vuglec breg, dairy Veronika and butcher Vugrinec. We ate salami, sausages, hard-boiled eggs, various cheeses, boiled ham and grandmother's cakes and much more.

Along with sparkling wines, which were poured at the beginning of the event with a Zagorje breakfast, the program included "En primeur of Zagorje wines" - the premiere of a new wine or a new vintage (a special wine chosen by each winery). In this part of the program, the host Boris Vuglec presented a new wine "Zagorski bregi" - a mixture of traditional Zagorje varieties (graševina, kraljevina, zeleni silvanac and belina).

Tomislav Bolfan premiered his macerated Pinot Gris orange (2017), Petrač the new Charisma (2017), and Bodren offered several of his sweet predicate wines. After a recent weekend picnic with the Kos-Jurišić family near Nespeš in Sveti Ivan Zelina, this sparkling breakfast at Vuglec was designed by wine promoter Marija Vukelić.

Photos: Marko Čolić


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