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World Cucumber Day

In Zagreb's Villa Werner the most unusual day in the world - World Cucumber Day 2019 was celebrated. This year's World Cucumber Day took place together with the opening of the secret doors of Zagreb's Villa Werner. Among the guests were DJ Bizzo Bodega, fashion designer Lana Puljić and influencer Donna Lugonja Petković.

World Cucumber Day is the idea of a cucumber breeder, born in England in 2011, with the goal of extolling the virtues of this many-specialty vegetable. Biggest Cucumber Fan Mr. Hendricks knows that their better growth stimulates with scent, sound and touch, and their passion and admiration for them is celebrated by the gathering of unusual researchers, fans of strange things and uncompromising curious ones.

In Villa Werner we tried cocktails of Hendricks gin served with fresh cucumbers and cucumbers were also used in the preparation of various gastronomic delicacies delivered in the 1964 Fiat Campagnola. Hendrick's put balloon basket in the garden, allowing all present early signings for the "Most unusual balloon experience", whose premiere is planned for the end of summer. To make all the signs of good experience the band Gadjo Manouche played swing sounds, and all those eager for the refreshments enjoyed riding a pedicab electric rikshaw. There is no border for the cucumber, as shown in the work of Mario Piteša, entitled "Hendrick's Cucumber Cuttlefish".


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