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Zagorje: Ride in the Fairytale

Romantic castles on fairytale hills, Krapina with its world-famous collection of Krapina prehistoric man, Marian shrine in Marija Bistrica, Peasant Revolt and Matija Gubec, thermal springs where health is implemented through the wellness of modern hotels and spas, countless vineyards lined with hills and wine trails and traditional gastronomic delicacies, definitely makes green Zagorje the perfect destination for a family holiday tailored to man!

In order for the beauties of this tame region to be experienced even better and healthier, it is definitely worth mentioning the RIDE & BIKE II project, which is being implemented within the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia 2014-2020 cooperation and is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Through the project itself, among other things, standards for catering and accommodation for cyclists and riders have been formed, new hiking and bicycle paths have been traced, innovative interpretive points with rest areas for cyclists, riders and horses have been arranged, and cross-border hiking and bicycle rides will be organized. All this should definitely contribute to a larger number of visitors and the valorization and integration of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Zagorje region for tourist purposes. With 170 km of groomed equestrian trails and about 700 km of cycling routes, completely in harmony with nature, you will be able to discover numerous wineries and agritourism and experience the Zagorje "fairy tale in the palm of your hand" in the best possible way.

One of the facilities that provide a service and riding experience is the RHYTHM WITH HORSE centre in Stubičke Toplice. A young team of hippotherapists will greet you with a smile on their face and a warm gastronomic welcome of local delicacies with homemade brandies that will encourage you to ride even their largest specimens of thoroughbred horses. And there are a total of six available for two types of activities: recreational riders will be able to learn everything in riding school, enjoy horseback riding or off-road riding or further educate themselves to take professional licenses in this sport while special, praiseworthy attention will be paid to people with developmental difficulties by providing hippotherapy i.e. physiotherapy on horseback.

And near Zaprešić, surrounded by magnificent forests and rich greenery, is the EQUESTRIAN CLUB TRAJBAR TEAM - an impressive complex completely subordinated to everything related to horses and equestrian sports that can freely "stand" alongside elegant English stables. The infrastructure of the club has been brought to perfection during its twenty years of existence and, in addition to large stables with about forty horses, there is also an indoor riding hall with mirrors, outdoor sand and grassy manege, toilets and cloakroom, restaurant, cafe, accommodation facilities and a large congress and wedding hall.

The forests next to the club can be an ideal starting point for exploring Zagorje through all the explored routes for cyclists and riders, and TRAJBAR TEAM will be at your service with all the necessary organizational logistics, including their horses and e-bikes.

On your way to explore the Zagorje fairy tale, be sure to visit the MUSEUM OF PEASANT REBELLIONS located on an idyllic hill in the castle of the Oršić family in Gornja Stubica. Go back to the distant year 1573 and maybe find out if, according to the legend, Matija Gubec is still alive, and you can face the problematic Franjo Tahi face to face.

If, after enjoying the relaxing nature of Zagorje, there is still a thread of tension in your body, TERME JEZERČICA in Donja Stubica will take care of complete relaxation, which, in addition to thermo-healing mineral water intended for rehabilitation or recreation, also offers a top gastronomic offer based on traditional Zagorje dishes. While parents are happy to "boil" at 38 C, which is the temperature of thermal water, the youngest will be satisfied with a large water park with lots of content.

We emphasize that you do not have to own your own bike, much less your own horse, to be able to enjoy all the charms of active, equestrian-cycling tourism in the Krapina-Zagorje County. It's up to you to come to the beautiful Zagorje while the hosts tell you: "Welcome my friend".

The holder of the RIDE & BIKE II project is the Zagorje Development Agency, with partners: Krapina-Zagorje County Tourist Board, Sava-Sutla Valley and Hills Tourist Board, Kozjansko Development Agency, Sotla Development Agency and Public Institute for Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Activities Sevnica.


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