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House of Krk prosciutto - Žužić

Pršut (prosciutto) from the island of Krk is the first Croatian product to obtain the certificate of the geographical origin in the European Union. And when we talk about the Krk pršut, we are thinking on the Žužić family from the island place of Vrh.Vrh means peak or top in Croatian, and Žužić say their production is “vrh na Vrhu”, meaning top on the Top. And indeed, their prosciutto is specific in its production, taste, colour.

Vrh got its name as one of the highest places on the island, and has spectacular view over whole island to the mainland mountains. Beautiful view notwithstanding, but it is also the natural mechanism for production of finest prosciutto. The famous bura wind blows directly to the Žužić prosciutto manufactory, bringing with it the drops of sea. Thus sea salt almost automatically salts the prosciutto, so there is no necessity to additionally smoke it, as in the case of the Dalmatian prosciutto. Opposite to the Istrian prosciutto, Krk variety is maturing in its skin, and doesn’t need substantial additions like the spices and herbs.

Krk plrosciutto is enriched by island herbs, mild as the Mediterranean itself. The end product is pure meat taste, not particularly salty, smoky, nor strong. Krk prosciutto has excellent balancing taste and adds superbly to various dishes. Also the colour is not as dark as in other prosciuttos, but is mildly red and without much fat. Prosciutto and cheese is classic Adriatic starter. At the House of Krk pršut, a tavern adjoined to the eco-certified prosciutto manufactory itself, we have tried this simple but heavenly starter with home product and with a mixed cow and sheep cheese.

Mixed cheese is mild in taste, so it doesn’t influence the taste of other tastes. Still, it has a distinctive aftertaste, so specific for the island sheep cheeses. When prosciutto matures in its skin and fat, it gives a specific sweetness of taste and lasts longer.

In twenty years, the family branded its name all over the island and beyond as the prime butcher shop. Vrh is also a place from where the paths of olive oil begin. In the past, the place hosted two olive oil mills. Usually, olives where pressed during the night, which gave local boys an opportunity to relax and drink a glass of wine more. Žužić family honours this tradition of olive oil making with bottling of the oil from the very neighbourhood itself.

Entering the House if Krk pršut itself is a gastronomic adventure itself, as you come across a glass floor, and beneath it you can see prosciuttos in its finest. There is also a small shop area, where you can buy some products and bring this kingdom of taste home. Apart from prosciutto itself and cheese, we recommend dry sausage and dry bacon.

Many guests visiting staying in the nearby accommodation places often come here for the first meal of the day, homemade scrambled eggs with prosciutto, bacon, and dry sausage. This will give you enough energy to savour the whole island! If meat is your favourite, then this tavern will suit you well, with varietiey of meat dishes and grilled meat. Call two days before, and you can enjoy the island’s specialty, lamb, veal or octopus baked under the baking bell.

Kuća krčkog pršuta Žužić

Vrh – Bok od Brozića 40, 51500 Krk

tel: 051/686 098, mob: 098 258 123 tel/fax: 051/222 138, tel: 051/220 210



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