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Table with a Seaview - Restaurant Mulino, Malinska

Just a few metres away from the sea and overlooking the Kvarner Bay, in the centre of touristic place Malinska, stands Restaurant Mulino, part of the four-star Hotel Malin. A beautiful terrace and cosy interior offer enjoyable atmosphere for fine dining.

Mulino is not a restaurant you might find in other summer holiday spots. It cares for serious food and bases its offer on traditional meals with a modern twist. The Hotel Malin is among few hotels on the island that works whole year round, and Mulino is essential part of its gastronomy.

Throughout the year, guests can participate in many innovative cuisine days, such as Cod Fish Days in December, Lamb Days in spring, and Days of Šurlice in June. The staff is specially educated for their job, and every year there is a fresh addition to the menu.

Mulino has wonderful seafood, accentuated in Mulino fish plate, an excellent starter consisting of tuna Carpaccio served on a bruschette bread, smoked salmon on bruschette bread, marinated octopus, and splendid Jacob’s scallop. Additionally, this plate offers marinated anchovies, which is as traditional as it gets on the Adriatic. And don’t forget to enjoy the view while you savour these fruits of the sea.

If your taste is meatier one, your starter may feature prosciutto, sheep cheese, tartar beefsteak, and cheese-and-tartufata bruschette. Mulino serves proudly its dishes with ingredients stemming from the island itself, giving it a special slow-food essence.

It is the traditional cuisine that gains attention in Mulino. Depending on the season, it includes homemade calamari minestrone with olives, essentially island inventions as it resembles the maritime richness on Krk. Following this idea is grilled octopus served on rucola, itself an often herb on the island. Or you may opt for mussels bouzzara served with toasted bread, a combination which is indeed mouth-watering!

Next to šurlice with stew or with scampi, you can also order peka, meals made under the baking lid, featuring shank knuckle of veal, lamb or octopus with rosemary and vegetables. This is as best as you can try in Adriatic, full of scents and tastes of Mediterranean, but be sure to order it in advance.

For all the sweeteeth, we recommend Dubašljančica cake. Dubašnica is the area where Malinska is situated, and it evokes memories of the old times, with Dubašnica girl in her folk costume on mind. The cake is rich and not very sweet, making it a great dessert. It consists of cooked vanilla, cappuccino and chocolate, and is perfect end of Mulino culinary journey.

GPP “Mikić” d.o.o. Hotel Malin Kralja Tomislava 23, 51511 Malinska Tel: 00 385 51 850 234 Fax: 00 385 51 850 259 E-mail:


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