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Authentic Gorski Kotar cuisine - Tajči, Kozji vrh

In Kozji vrh, a crossroad between Čabar and Prezid, for decades stands a traditional inn Tajči. At the first glance you might think it is an ordinary house, but entering it everyone will understand this is the place where real Gorski kotar food is being served. The walls are adorned with wood animals almost as a menu, and the view on evergreen forest remind you on the altitude of almost 1000 metres.

The owner is especially proud for the authentic Gorski kotar meals that you may find here. This dedication for homemade specialties such as the traditional bajtar lunch, Čabar blacksausage, Budla, Potato Polenta and desserts with wooden berries. In the season, Tajči prepares dormice, especially those from Gerovo, which are the most delicious.

Our lunch began with wonderful and plentiful homemade soup, feeling just like the memories of grandma’s soup. Good soup should replenish the body and the soul, and prepare the guest for more palate adventures. And what an adventure it was! Gorski kotar is no place for vegetarian souls, as the meat makes even the staple food here.

Potatoes and sauerkraut are basis of almost every meal. Potato polenta is special for this region, as it is made only in Grobnik area and in Čabar. Locals usually make everything with it as a side dish. As soon as the first days of autumn come, sauerkraut is ever present on the dining table. In cold and long winters, sauerkraut gives vitamins and strength.

Next to grilled veal’s liver, we enjoyed excellent pork chops and thick ham. For dessert we had such a lovely apple strudel, with home grown apples! And if you feel lazy for driving home, you can easily relax in one of the four bedrooms for guests!

Tajči Šumarska 1, 51307 Prezid, Hrvatska 098 / 9657 473, 098 / 830 014 Tajči – smještaj & gastronomska ponuda Gorskog kotara


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