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Zagreb Film Food Festival

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

In Zagreb's Zrinjevac Park, the Coca-Cola FOOD FILM FESTIVAL has started in the city center.

The festival offers a variety of foods from soparnik, barbecue, tortilla, falafel, dumplings, burgers to trdelnik, woks, kebabs, desserts and pancakes and sandwiches Cubano.

The Festival began with the projection of Barbecue documentary film:

In ten days in the open cinema under the stars on the park meadow until Sunday, September 16, foodie films are shown: "Burek", "Paris can wait", "Best recipe", "Soul cuisine", "Life theater", "Mr. Church, Shrimp Ants, Istanbul Kitchen, Sushi in Mexican Style, and Taste of Life.

Along with the finest flavours and aromas of the two world cultures, blankets can be borrowed for watching movies on the meadow and a picnic basket that visitors can fill with street food specialties of 25 caterers. The festival includes: El Toro, Tač, AperEATivo, Pani, Smyrna, Klub ljubitelja janjetie (Lamb Fab Club), Kofer, Milky, Pofferties / Cellar, Beer Bar, Mc čevap - Brko & Brko by Kotanyi, Amelie, Trdelnik, Rakijarnica & Mangosta bar, Istarska hiža, Plac, The driver, Fantastic food & drinks, OPG Čoric Soparnik, Nadine fritule, Klara premium store, Cukeraj and Jack Daniels.

With the enjoyment of the movies, visitors can also listen to good music, so in addition to everyday DJs, the female band "The Frajle" will perform on Saturday, September 15 at 20:00.

For the first time this year, the Food Film Festival Zagreb delivers the Chill & Picnic Zone by Staropramen.

More than 100,000 visitors are expected in Zagreb, citizens and tourists alike, who will enjoy tastes, films and music.

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