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Buffet Delta - Healthy and Smart

Hundreds of people cross the Rijeka’s Delta. It's not just a big parking lot for locals and their guests, but also a historic blend of Rijeka and Sušak, two ancient parts of the town on the Dead Channel. Right here, the renowned Rijeka restaurateur family Kosanović decided to open a special gastronomic venue in the capital of Kvarner. The restaurant "Buffet Delta" is a warm place where you can eat a delicious brunch – marenda.

But this is not a typical marenda place, which is confirmed by the fact that the Buffet Delta, along with Caffe Bar Erste, owned by the same family, are part of the 101% Smart Food project funded by the European Union within the investment program to expand capacity to produce ready-made food and gluten free products. The purpose of the project is to expand production capacities by creating a recognizable brand that will be a permanent support for boosting competitiveness in the local market. Behind the bureaucratic dictionary is indeed one of the (unfortunately, rare) local initiatives that will bring to the guests an indigenous homemade cuisine, based on mama’s kitchen and innovative vegetable dishes that skilfully prepares chef Lucija Majetić.

Perhaps many readers roll their eyes on the mention of healthy food, but truly healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle can also carry enduring gastronomic memories with them! The main thing is that these foods are made from healthy and fresh ingredients without the artificial additives. The owner Božica Kosanović, her husband Nenad and the two daughters Maja and Ida, came up with the idea that smart food is not complicated, that it is fun, nutritious and delicious. We did not believe them. And then we tried their foods and changed our minds! From 9 am until 2:30 pm Buffet Delta sells about a hundred meals a day, and guests come regularly from the Croatian National Theatre, the Port of Rijeka, and from the office of the European Capital of Culture located in the immediate vicinity. Thus, a very demanding audience!

Every morning is alike: the family or employees go to the Rijeka Market where they buy fresh foods, especially fruit, vegetables and fish. For a very good price, you will have breakfast or lunch, always pointing out that there is only enjoyment in this food, but not the guilt of loaded bad ingredients for health. Healthy food is not the best image for a good sale, but the family Kosanović already knows it well. In the nineties, they had their own small space in the RI shopping mall, when only a handful of hamburgers could be found on the Rijeka’s central Korzo street.

Additionally, Buffet Delta is perhaps one of the very few places in Rijeka where you can get the full-styled breakfast. Everyone is already aware that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, and that is very serious thing for Kosanovićs. Already for breakfast in the restaurant bar you can notice a great deal of freshly squeezed juices, healthy dishes, cakes, fruits, flakes, and there are inevitable eggs, omelets and sausages. That's right, sausage! Healthy food does not mean that only fruits and vegetables are eaten here. Quite the opposite, the Buffet Delta welcomed us with a couple of delicious meat dishes! In order to be "smart and healthy" we decided to have a fancy menu here: soup, roast pork with grilled vegetables, roast sausage and cabbage salad, and then we went for the sweets! We do not even have to mention that we enjoyed without a guilty conscience!

With smart food you can also have fun, at least in the area of Rijeka. Namely, the Kosanović family organizes catering for private parties, parties and companies for up to 50 people, while sandwiches and ready-made dishes under the brand 101% can be purchased at Piko stores.

BUFFET DELTA Delta 11, Rijeka Radno vrijeme: 09:00 - 15:00 m: +385 91 326 6065 CAFFE BAR ERSTE Jadranski trg 3A, Rijeka Radno vrijeme: 07:30 - 15:30 m: +385 91 555 2060


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