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Gastronauts visiting Distillery Nimco and restaurant Sofra

Unstoppable Gastronauts led by prof. Karin Mimica, always eager for new oeno-gastro insights, this time decided to get acquainted with the top distillates and the secrets of phenomenal Bosnian cuisine. Thanks to NIMCO and SOFRA, they have succeeded in this.

NIMCO brands & liqueurs is Nikola Serdar's Gastronaut Company, which has been producing strong alcoholic beverages for a dozen global markets since 1983, and its trademarks include Julischka, Dalmatino, Krauter-Pelin, Istria Bitter, Pepito, 5 Corners gin, Cobalt, Cubana Bar rum... The production facility is located in Bestovo near Samobor, and the hall is surrounded by an orchard and a herb garden. In 35 years, they have created more than 30 patent-protected products, and in their area have launched a Distiller and Bartender Training Center "Master of Style" in which participants learn the details of making fine distillates and the culture of their consumption. Germany is their biggest market, and with their "forgotten cellar treasure" at the 2018 International Alcoholic Beverage Competition in Berlin, they won a silver medal and a special individual award "Croatia Brandy of the Year".

This prestige from the cellar is about 35 years old, and it is an unfiltered brandy aged in oak barrels, now in tanks. It was obtained from distillates of the highest quality wine, and the years of maturation also gave it a noble colour of gold and a championship aroma. Otherwise, brandy is the legacy of Istravino and is the only product from the NIMCA range whose quality is well worth the time. Offered through two names: Marco Polo vinjak in a stylish bottle and a limited edition Brioni collection in unique, designer bottles, in exclusive boxes with auction potential. If you want to impress your loved ones or your guests with something special, this brandy is the perfect choice for that. When asked what the secret of the quality of NIMCO’s products is, Mr. Serdar replies: the secret lies in the best raw materials, top technologists and a special emphasis on design. Cheers!

And it is no secret that spirits stimulate the appetite, so the Gastronaut Caravan quickly made its way to the best ambient Bosnian cuisine restaurant in Croatia, which for three years now has the title among the 100 best Croatian restaurants - SOFRA GREEN GOLD, located on Radnička Street in downtown Zagreb. The traditional cuisine restaurant started in 2011 and is located on the ground floor of the Green Gold Centre and covers an area of ​​over 600 m2. It is spacious and clean, with a very comfortable atmosphere, and in every part, you can feel the spirit of Bosnia.

Original recipes with educated staff and chefs lead you into the world of premium Bosnian cuisine with dishes such as cabbage pies, potato pies, burek, baked dishes in a casserole such as klepe and moussaka, then Bosnian pot, sauerkraut stews, many dolma and bamya, unavoidable grill and stews with legendary Begova čorba (Bey’s stew) at its forefront. This specific broth is a brand of Bosnian gastronomy, and it also has a medicinal okra plant inside it. With a wide selection of desserts, you will definitely be delighted by the baklava with nuts, dried plums, fresh cheese and apples, and as a finishing touch for your gastronomic pleasure, it will serve you real Turkish coffee served in jams with rahat lokum or the Turkish delight.

Knowing that their guests are acclaimed professionals of exquisite taste for fine cuisine, the SOFRA staff served the Gastronauts with special attention to the Bosnian specialties accompanied by selected wines of PZ Svirče, led by Mr. Andro Plenković and also the glorious wines of Marijan Arman:

Aperitif - Rose 2018, PZ Svirče

Cheese pie - small doughs with cheese, egg and sour cream - Bogdanuša 2018, PZ Svirče

Bey Stew – stew with Chicken and Vegetable - Malvasia Gran Cru 2018, Marian Arman

Klepe - homemade pasta stuffed with beef baked in a saucepan in garlic and cream sauce - Pošip 2018, Pz Svirče

Bosnian pot - beef, veal and lamb cooked with vegetables - Chardonnay 2018, Marijan Arman

Japrak - small beef meatballs wrapped in shrimp - Plavac reserve 2014, Pz Svirče

Tuffahia - Boiled Apple with Walnuts and Whipped Cream - Nutmeg White 2018, Marijan Arman

And when one thinks that it can't do better, the hosts surprised us with the sound of sevdah and the stunning movements of a sensual belly dancer while experiencing all the magic of Bosnian cuisine in this warm ambience of the SOFRA restaurant in downtown Zagreb! Thank you for that!

Photos by: Neno Pavinčić & Gastronaut


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