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Klaudio among Women

On the terrace of the famous gathering place of young people (and everyone who feels like it), Swanky Monkey Garden in the centre of Zagreb in Ilica, around the Istrian winemaker Klaudio Tomaz, many women gathered, and there were also several men. After a long corona shocking break, members of the WOW (Women on Wine) association, their guests and journalists, came to socialize and party with Tomaz wines. After a long isolation and quarantine, it was a ray of optimism after all the bad things that happened to both WOW and Zagreb. Under the baton of two members, Vlasta Pirnat from the WOW management and wine-educated Manuela Maras, the event attracted many wine lovers.

Tomaz Winery is in the heart of Istria, overlooking the picturesque Motovun. Twenty hectares of vineyards are dominated by typical Istrian varieties: Malvasia, Teran and Muscat White, and top-quality wines are produced in the cellar. Winemaker Klaudio Tomaz and son Antonio presented four of their wines. For starters, guests enjoyed as a welcome drink the rosé Flaminio 2018 vintage, which is a fluttery and casual semi-dry with luxurious fruit aromas, made exclusively from the Teran variety. This was followed by Avangard 2019 Malvasia: fresh, mineral, with a specific discreet aroma reminiscent of the scent of an acacia flower. The Tomazs are very proud of this Malvasia and believe that this vintage is the best Malvasia that has ever come out of their cellar. The third wine was Malvasia Sesto Senso 2015, from selected berries from the best positions, macerated for 21 days and aged for 18 months on a fine lees for 18 months in large barrels of oak, mulberry and acacia. Ladies, girls and male guests enjoyed a dry, warm and soft, yet fresh wine that smells reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts, honey, tobacco and cinnamon.

In Istria, they proudly say "Teran is Istrian", so those present happily switched to the "red king", the famous Teran Barbarossa from 2017, which intrigued the audience with its miraculous aromas. It is aged for 18 months in oak barrels; characteristic ruby-red color and fine, pronounced and recognizable, fruity aromas. This wine tastes full, strong, robust, but at the same time harmonious and pleasant wine. It is known for Tomaz that he constantly thinks of something, works and creates, experiments and - surprises. This is exactly how the last wine of this pleasant wine gathering was created - surprise wine - Barbarossa Superior from the 2017 vintage, which young Antonio proudly poured from a magnum bottle. The wine was made by drying the berries, 70% on the vine (late harvest) and 30% on straw, and each matured separately for two years in barrique and tonneau barrels, then matured in stainless steel barrels for another six months, after which it was bottled.

Barbarossa Superior 2017 is still waiting for its moment to enter the market. Each of these wines tells a story of love and knowledge of the man who created them and that is why it is the most beautiful experience to taste them in his company. But also, each of these wines has its own energy and character, each has its own audience. We are looking forward to new WOW gatherings, especially from the beginning of autumn, but there will also be nice surprises during the summer.

Photos: Marko Čolić

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