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Perak champion of continental wines

The exhibition of continental Croatian wines in Sveti Ivan Zelina is an event with a rich tradition (more than half a century) and great interest of exhibitors. In recent years it has been held in early June; as part of the Exhibition, awards are given for the best rated wines, and a significant number of exhibitors apply each year. In addition to the competition part, the Wine Exhibition of Continental Croatia also offers other contents: wine tastings and promotions, exhibition space, professional workshops and meetings, entertainment program and concerts.

A total of 255 samples were received for the 52nd Continental Croatian Wine Exhibition; wines were evaluated by a commission consisting of 15 members of excellent oenologists and wine connoisseurs, headed by the president prof. Ana Jeromel, PhD, and the champion of the Exhibition is Graševina ice wine, vintage 2015, from the Perak winery in Kutjevo.

In addition to the Grand Gold Medal and the championship title for Perak Graševina ice wine 2015 as the best rated predicate wine and the best rated wine. Perak winery was decorated with several other medals at the same Exhibition: Graševina Mitrovac, 2018 - Grand Gold Medal, best rated white dry still wine; Graševina ice wine, 2018, Perak - Gold medal; Muscat Yellow, 2019, Perak - Silver Medal.

In the heart of Slavonia, along the best locations of the Kutjevo vineyards, the Perak family has 12 hectares of their vineyards. In a wide range of varieties, the most common is Graševina, which produces wines from dry quality to top quality to predicate, but also fine sparkling wine. Confirmation of quality are numerous medals and championship awards from competitions in the country and abroad. Perak wines are extremely varietal, pure and elegant. Consume them with food or enjoy them on their own. The author of these wines is the oenologist Ivica Perak, but the family participates in the work - son Ivan, daughter Maja and wife Željka. In family wineries, wine is not just a product; wine is much more than that. Through each bottle of Perak Wines you will meet the Perak family - these wines are synonymous with the pure pleasure of drinking top quality wines.

Photo: Petar Starčević

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