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Pordenone - Great Mix of Electrolux and Prosecco

The rainy autumn days suddenly became more beautiful with the invitation of Karin Mimica and GASTRONAUT for another study bus trip - to the Electrolux Center of Excellence in Pordenone and a visit to the Carpene Malvolti winery and distillery in Conegliano.

A colourful, cheerful group made up of caterers and entrepreneurs was especially pleased when one of our most respected winemakers, Mr Vlado Krauthaker, was seen among us. In addition to Lucija from Deklić winery, Vlado made sure that the mouths of all participants were never denied the pleasures of Zelenac, Graševina Mitrovac and Pinot Noir and Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay and Teran. Sommelier Mario Meštrović took care not to wander as a vegetarian at the butcher shop, not knowing what we were drinking, while Diana Gluhak Spajić introduced us to the secrets of nutrition. Thanks to the brand DOBRO and Tomislav Vrbanović, catering PUHAR and Rihard Baša, we have left full of newly acquired knowledge to fulfil gastronomic aspirations for durable products of Slavonian pig and homemade pie with crackers.

We were like a real little school excursion led by Tamara Rakovac and Domagoj Jadrešić. Sympathetic representatives of Electrolux Professional Croatia introduced us with a pleasant story and animation during the trip to what awaited us at their large facility in Pordenone - the presentation of their state-of-the-art equipment by Electrolux Academy chefs. An imposing space decorated in typical Italian design style, where you can see first-hand how the latest technological developments of Electrolux kitchen appliances work.

Sitting in the audience panel opposite the large kitchen, among others, they presented us with: SkyLine System - the latest COOK & CHILL technology; SkyDuo - How the Oven and Shock Fridge / Freezer Can Talk to Each Other; Food dehydration as a new method of application while extending the life span of foods and minimizing waste; Application of a steam-convection oven as a static oven; Preparation of yogurt and cream, and ice cream in a shock refrigerator / freezer; Automatic preparation from frozen to serving; Focaccie preparation; Smoked food.

As much as Electrolux takes care of seminars, training and workshops, the fact is that as much as 3,500 m2 serves these purposes. Everything prepared that we witnessed was served inside the company's restaurant, and what Gastronaut's views were particularly focused on was porchetta - the queen of the Italian holiday table. Warm, juicy and oily, it perfectly called for a pairing with Krauthaker – Deklić wines, but the strict rules within this Swedish company did not help us. As resourceful as we are, we headed for the Carpene Malvolti Winery and Distillery with a safe and fast pace.

It was in 1868 when, for the first time in Conegliano, the eminent scientist and entrepreneur Antonio Carpenè created spumante wine, i.e. sparkling wine, which would become the world's most popular wine of its kind. The vineyard potential of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is such as to represent the best Prosecco production area, and the vineyard hills are so unique and spectacular that even UNESCO has recognized them as part of the World Heritage Site. Prosecco, i.e. fine, semi-sweet wine, was awarded in 2009 with the DOCG status and is at the very top of the world in quality, which is also a testament to the great family enterprise, farsightedness and serious commitment of each of the five Carpenè family members who have led the company to this day.

The guided tasting of our Prosecco Superiors and Grappa also showed our dedication and enterprise as we toured the family house - the Prosecco Museum, a historic building of decent character and charming interior, where you can get acquainted with the way of production and handling of sparkling wine. Lightly filled with gold beads and all day long thanks to Electrolux and the Gastronaut Club, we are moving full of positive impressions back with a fond memory of yet another gastronomic journey surrounded by wonderful people and atmosphere that marked and elevated this fall day.

Addio bella Italia!


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