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Testament and Black Island Winery - world success for Babić and Pošip

Two sister wineries, Testament winery from Jadrtovac near Šibenik and Black Island Winery from Smokvica on Korčula have made a serious breakthrough on the market with their labels in a very short time since their existence. There are few wine lovers in Croatia today who do not know about brands like The Dalmatian Dog or Testament or Merga Victa. It is behind these labels that the top Babić and Pošip sorts are hidden, from the oenologists of these wineries that made world wines. This is best evidenced by the number of medals at the most important wine evaluations, IWC and Decanter, with which their wines returned to Croatia last year, and especially important is the first gold medal that one Babić won at Decanter, and it went to The Dalmatian Dog. It is not a small thing for wineries that have only existed for 3 years, and best of all, the success this year was not lacking.

Four new Testament and Black Island Winery labels have just won awards at the prestigious IWC wine competition in London. The silver medal went to the Testament's Tribidrag 2018 and 92 points with a note with tasting: “In the scent of blueberries, cinnamon framed by the rich aromas of vanilla and oak predominates. Nicely balanced and refreshing. Potential for aging. ” The bronze medal was won by Korčula's Pošip The Dalmatian Dog 2019 (Black Island Winery), which was rated as "wine with style and supple aromas of citrus and pear." The bronze medal also arrived for the Testament Prošek Babić 2018 described as "prosecco with aromas of sweet fruit, notes of tea and herbs. ”And finally, Testament Opolo Brut, a sparkling rosé wine from midwives, received a medal with an IWC recommendation.

By the way, all four wines were available for tasting at the presentation of both wineries in Zagreb's Vintesa wine shop at the "Saturday in Vintesa" event, which always gathers many wine lovers because then they have a rare opportunity, usually reserved only for industry professionals, to taste wines. just preparing to hit the market.

In addition to the already mentioned labels, the wineries presented two other novelties: the first, Merga Victa Pošip 2020, whose predecessor won a silver medal at Decanter last year, and experts say that this year is even better and, second, macerated Pošip, which has an interesting story. about the origin: namely, during the processing the press broke down, so Testament's oenologist Juraj Sladić decided to respond to the challenge and play with natural yeasts and a different maceration technology. The result is 15,000 bottles of elegant and drinkable orange with a pleasant aroma and very harmonious taste - Pošip Zenit 2018. To the delight of many female audiences, rosé bubbles from Babić - Testament Opolo Brut 2019 - are already on sale, and other novelties on the market will be found in two up to three weeks.

Recordings: Marko Čolić

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