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Urbanovo and Pušipel Festival

As part of this year's manifestation of Urbanovo in Štrigova, the Pušipel Festival was held, which brought together 24 Međimurje wineries with more than 170 wine labels, as well as many business visitors and lovers of wine and good entertainment. During the three days of the festival, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the best of Međimurje winemakers, food and exhibitions of local farms, and each day the festival ended with an appropriate music program.

The Pušipel Festival is an event that attracts an increasing number of visitors every year, which is proof of the quality of the Međimurje wine region, but also proof that the Urbanovo program is getting richer every year. The president of the Association of Međimurje winegrowers and winemakers "Hortus Croatiae", Robert Horvat, thanked everyone who contributed to Urbanovo becoming a symbol of the quality and reputation of the Međimurje wine region.

In addition to the Pušipel Festival, which is certainly the highlight of Urbanovo, from May 3 to 19, visitors could enjoy combinations of dishes and Međimurje wines during the Gourmet Week, participate in the Wine & smile quiz, visit the international caricature exhibition "Vino" and the wine workshop "Locations of Međimurje."

In addition to rich content for all visitors, a two-day press trip was also held for fifteen wine journalists and bloggers from all over Croatia who, as part of Urbanovo, got to know the beauties of green Međimurje.

In the Municipality of Sveti Juraj na Breg, they visited Matul's grunt - a renovated old Međimurje cottage, a lookout point and a wind organ on Mađerkina Breg, and enjoyed the sparkling wine of the Štampar winery. The tour of the northernmost Croatian county continued with an overnight stay in the Sveti Martin thermal baths, a visit to the Mlin na Mura along with a ride on an old scaffolding in the Municipality of Sveti Martin, an evening of food and wine pairing in the Terbotz restaurant, and a wine workshop "Požaji Međimurja" where they tasted numerous wine labels together with the present winemakers under the leadership of lecturer Kruna Filipović. Hortus Croatiae Association also organized Open Cellars on May 24 and 25.

Photos: Matej Ščavničar


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