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Wine Underground

For two days, the TunelRi becomes the largest wine cellar in Croatia at more than 1,500 m2. In July, Rijeka will become the first city on the Adriatic where the Wine & Walk festival will be held underground. It will happen in the TunelRi, which was built under the Old Town almost 85 years ago.

More than 3,000 wine lovers visited the premiere edition of the first underground festival, which took place two months ago in Zagreb in the Grič Tunnel, and now the even bigger Rijeka Underground is coming to Rijeka.

Is there a better place to taste wine and food than the tunnel in the very centre of the city of Rijeka, in the middle of the summer season, when visitors to this festival will be able to exchange the heat of the city's asphalt for a pleasant walk through the "naturally air-conditioned" tunnel at twenty degrees?

Paula Kovačić, the founder of this unique themed festival, says that "Rijeka Underground will be a unique combination of hedonism and fun underground in the pleasantly chilled RI Tunnel, which we will conveniently turn into the largest urban wine cellar in Croatia at more than 1,500 m2." We will combine more than 200 wines from blue and green Croatia together with delicacies and entertainment, because all visitors can expect a real underground music concert, a selfie corner, light effects, a wine exhibition of the future and a prize draw.“

The first Rijeka Underground is dedicated to urban wine culture, and the RI Tunnel will be decorated visually and with light, and visitors will move through it in one direction from the Cathedral of St. Vida towards the exit of Dolac elementary school. "We have already confirmed the arrival of the best winemakers from Istria and Primorje, Dalmatia, Slavonia and Bregovita Croatia. says Paula Kovačić. Rijeka Underground will take place on Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13 from 2 to 9 p.m.

All visitors will receive an original Rijeka Underground wine glass as a gift, and part of the revenue from the tickets will be allocated for humanitarian purposes. In Zagreb, we financially supported the work of the Krijesnica association, and in Rijeka we will support one of the local humanitarian associations", said Paula Kovačić.

As in Zagreb, Tunnel RI will be entered with tickets purchased exclusively at the correct time in order to avoid crowds and maintain a pleasant atmosphere. A limited number of tickets have just been released for pre-sale at lower prices, and they can be purchased online in the EVENTIM system and in Tiska and Petrol branches in Rijeka and other cities. On the days of the festival, it will be possible to buy them at the entrance, of course if they are not all sold out in advance.

Photos: Matej Marjanović


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