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Women's Weekend in Delnice

In the highest town in Croatia, in Delnice in Gorski kotar, near the sea and in the mountains, next to the ski resort Platak, a "Women's Weekend" was organized. Skiing, women’s workshops, fine food, wines and liqueurs, the content is the 12th Women’s days by modniALMAnah Weekend, designed by stylist and fashion consultant Alma Premerl Zoko.

Popović's mill, 86 years old, in the centre of Delnice, in its main street, was the first stop of this weekend's trip. Its interior is completely preserved, so passing through the interior was a beautiful historical journey about the venture of the married couple Francika and Josip Mihalčić, who returned from America to their native Delnice to build this mill.

For the first workshop, 'How to make healthy bread', for the gastro blogger "Stories of a cook" Marina Obradović, the flour came from the neighbouring county, more precisely from Karlovac. The quality of different types of Karla flour, Žitoproizvod factory, was an inspiration for Marina Obradović, so she shared different tasks with Karla flour, and she uses the spelt flour to make cake-bread, delicious spelt bread with dried tomatoes and two types of garlic.

Saturday morning started at Petehovac, a mountain lodge above Delnice, a place where on sunny days, as it was that Saturday, you can see the ‘magic four’ - NP Risnjak and the mountains Triglav, Slovenian Snežnik and Kamnik Savinja Alps. After enjoying the morning on the 'mountain', the cheerful women's team headed to Platak - a popular mountain resort in Gorski Kotar that offers skiers a view of the sea, especially the island of Cres, and those who do not ski a tourist route that can be easily reached to Radeševo. Both a group of skiers and a group of hikers arrived on the highest peak of Platak, toasted the Boombar liqueurs on a beautiful sunny day.

After the whole day ‘in the snow’, dinner was at Petehovac. What was on the table that night? Mushroom soup from mushrooms harvested in Gorski kotar, which perfectly matches the atypical Graševina Enosophia, white wine Trs No.5 from the 2020 vintage, which got its name because Graševina, as the most represented variety, is found on every fifth vine of Croatian vineyards. Via the mobile application from the label, Trs No. 5 can be read especially composed music that, as they say, improves the taste of wine. Along with deer or boar hunting stew (of your choice), Enosophia's presenters Marko Jovanović and Hrvoje Sarić served Frankovka Miraz 2018 in an original way, a rich and powerful wine, grown in Slavonian oak barrels, which gives it a special charm and appeal.

Sunday morning was used for two workshops dedicated to healthy living. The first workshop dealt with health through the intestines as the driving force of our complete organism. learning to distinguish between friendly and hostile potential attackers. In addition, she added that 90% of the hormone of happiness - serotonin - is produced in the intestine, so this organ is not talked about in vain as a 'stomach brain'. When we are happy and in love, we feel butterflies in our bellies, and happiness is seen by the gleam in our eyes and our smile. In order for the smile to be healthy and beautiful, dentist Dr. Sandra Petaros Sikirić took a Curaprox brush in her hands and showed how to maintain proper hygiene of teeth and oral cavity. And in this workshop, it was taught that teeth are never brushed when the jaws are joined and when brushing they should not be pressed to deform the brush. It is best to hold the brush like a pencil, and toothpaste should not foam.

The stay in Delnice and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County ended with Jelena Holenko (Lynx and Fox) who took the whole group on a tour of Delnice. It was amazing to see how strong the sports life is in this picturesque town in the heart of Gorski Kotar. The Goran Sports Center is in charge of him, which attracts the people of Delnice every day. Jelena Holenko revealed that every child in this city plays a sport, and senior citizens can be seen on skates, in the pool, on the bowling alley. During the tour of Delnice, Jelena Holenko discovered that in 2018 182 cm of snow fell and showed a place for kisses in the city centre, introducing the group to the Crni Pesniki, carnival bell ringers who drives away winter, but also discovered the beauties of neighbouring Brod na Kupi. The suspension bridge over the river Kupica, whose water is drunk by the Gorani, the Fairy Grove as a place where the river Kupica flows into the Kupa River, but also the Kaštel Zrinski Museum are just some of the places worth visiting.

The women's weekend was toasted in the cult brandy distillery House of Nature Kotač in Lokve, where Vid Arbanas told the story of how to drink an aperitif and how to digest it during a meal. He presented his gold-awarded star of the distillery, Papra, a brandy of 14 Gorski Kotar herbs and 4 types of Gorski Kotar roots in Muscat grape brandy.

Photo: Nikola Zoko


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