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Yes Feel Good Festival on Stross

YES Feel Good Festival says goodbye to summer and welcomes autumn. Until September 27, Strossmayer Square in Zagreb is a place of sumptuous autumn scents, from chestnuts and corn to various gourmet surprises. "Stross" additionally greened by Iris MBM, invites you to dance, enjoy the rhythms in good company, and flirts with delicious autumn fruits.

Đurina Hiža offers homemade pumpkin and štruklji with bacon and cheese grilled and various steaks, and Cheese Bar by Rene Bakalović venison goulash and Neretva broth. There is a special risotto and slow-roast beef cheeks in the Market. Marin Nekić is preparing a pulled pork sandwich with peppers and eggplant, codenamed Mezetluk BBQ, at the Jamnica Pulled Pork Truck, and Streets has designed a burger with autumn roasted pepper sauce. Quesadilla pulled bull is the invention of El Toro and Urban Farm and bruschetta with green hemp mix spread are waiting in the central house.

The oldest Croatian craft, Pivovara Medvedgrad, took care of the cold beer. You can also taste a cocktail of hemp and tequila or hemp and rum. There are G3 Spirits gins at the Gingle Bells hut, then Mangoste cocktails and the new Market TeraGino, as well as cocktails from the laboratory of mixologist Marin Nekić, as well as Badel's wines and brandies. A children's zone has also been organized, and children can draw graffiti with Krešo Golubić on weekends. You can also see an exhibition of painted sneakers by Shoe Cleanique.

With a large vibrant YES there are DJs and music masters; hrwoE with disco & house music, From Africa, through the Caribbean and Brazil to New Orleans leads Ozren Kanceljak and DJ Neno Martinović deals with the rhythm of deep funk, soul, boogaloo, disco and acid jazz. Borovich from the Croatian Funk Delegation musically flirts from Nigerian experiments to Italian pop crime thickened with funk backbeat. There are also Stanko Bondža and Felver who is famous in the Zagreb club scene and Tomo in der Mühlen on Thursday 24.9. from 5 pm to 11 pm we will have YESeniramo at an after work party with Pepi Jogarde from Adriatic Coasting. YES 24.9. also organized by INSTA Buvljak by Jelena Marinović, Pamela Smoljanić and Dora Predojević, so you can stop by from 5 pm to 9 pm and “choosniti” some cool piece of clothing, drink coffee with the girls and snack on some of the snacks.

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