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ŠtrudlaFest in Jaškovo

ŠtrudlaFest has started. Karlovac County, with its centre in Jaškovo, a place that entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2017 because it made the longest strudel in the world of 1479.30 meters, will be the sweetest part of Croatia until September 13.

Already on the first day of the festival, thousands of strudels with apples, cherries and cheese were eaten, but also those with beer, lamb or carrots. At the beginning of ŠtrudlaFest, Saturday was a day for cycling routes, so a giant straw bike was made.

Twenty-eight restaurants are participating in the Karlovac County Strudel Week, and all of them have prepared dozens of more interesting flavours. This year, museums also joined the ŠtrudlaFest. In the Ozalj Homeland Museum, every visitor will receive a free strudel for all 10 days of the event with the purchased ticket. There are also the Old Town of Dubovac, Barać's Caves, the Karlovac City Museum, Aquatika and other places and the entire content of the event can be found on the website In Ozalj, in addition to the exhibition that will be set up in the Ethno Park, on Sunday, September 6, there will be gastro music treat ‘Strudellazz’ with Drago Jakovčević and a DJ jazz quartet, as well as selected strudels and wines. On Saturday, September 12, in Ethno Park, a gastro workshop will learn more about cooking in the Middle Ages.

Jaškovo will offer a picnic with the Štrudloljubac, Štrudlomanijak and Karlovac picnic baskets every day. On all days, the Ozalj region can be explored by bike, while on weekends the sweetest cycling route in the world will be organized and guided - "Strudel by bike" through the most beautiful parts of untouched nature along the river Dobra. At the end of this route, you will be able to taste the strudels of the Kovač family farm and the Žganjer restaurant.

There will also be strudel workshops led by strudel ambassadors from Jaškovo and reveal the secrets of making the perfect dough.

PHOTO: Press ŠtrudlaFest



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