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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Prisnac or presnac is famous and old cake in the Kvarner region. Its varieties are manifold, some consist of few ingredients, some of many; some are sweet, others are not. Among these, Bribirski prisnac stands as authentic Bribir delicacy. This dish was not cheap as it consists of many ingridients. Inhabitants of Vinodol valley used to make it for Easter holidays.

For long period of time, prisnac was almost forgotten, reduced at rarely made meal in some homes. Broader public was unaware of the gastronomic richness in Bribir. Suddenly, the cake came out through local touristic events. In Kvarner region, famous prisnac make people from Matulji and Rukavac, as well as on island of Krk. But Bribirski prisnac is special.

Classic Bribirski prisnac constists of ham or prosciutto, škripavac cheese, eggs, bacon, spring onion, and oil. Rich ingredients may scare you and make you believe prisnac is a heavy meal. On the contrary, we have tried traditionally made prisnac in Tavern Studec, and were completely stunned by the softness and texture. Prisnac is not cheap, but also not easy to make. One has to make right ratio between flour and eggs. If there are too little eggs, the ingredients will fall to the bottom of the cake. If there are too many, prisnac will resemble bread. Exact ratio makes a cake where every ingredient is easily visible when prisnac is cut.

Beautifully yellow in colour, prisnac is handmade by a cook in Tavern Studec, itself a long established institution in Vinodol. Its existence is directly connected to the wine making tradition of this region. Studec is established in 1998, when a vineyard was made in terroir of St. Michael. Agricultural cooperation of Vinodol tried to revive the traditional and almost forgotten grape of this region, žumić, vrbić, and belina. Although there are only few vines left in the vineyard, the vineyard house was transformed in a tavern, beloved gastronomic point for many tourists in the Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski Riviera.

The tavern itself is built in traditional konoba style, with vineyard and agricultural tools exhibited on the walls. Warm atmosphere is additionally accentuated by beautiful terrace with a view on vineyards. The name Studec is also interestingly connected to the history of wine in Croatia. Namely, Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV (1058-1074) had his court wine pourer. In 1069 the king signed a charter for founding a monastery in town of Zadar. Among the co-signers was also wine pourer of the king, under the name Studec. Thus, the name is maintained, but the very fact he was on the list shows the tremendous importance of his job, and the role which wine culture had on the Croatian royal court.

Among the dishes in Studec, some resemble the table culture in Vinodol. Common starters include a special vineyard plate. Next to cheese and salads, Vinodol minestrone with sausage or dried meat stands out. Pasta includes Bribir macaroons, macaroons with truffle sauce, and homemade gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. Meat dishes abound, with mixed grill as guests favourite, with fish and peka dishes for bigger events.

Tavern Studec Novljansko polje bb, Bribir +385 51 248 888



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