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Trilj - Between Cetina and Heaven

In the heart of Dalmatia, where natural beauties were left untouched for centuries, different cultures through long history have left a mysterious mark. In green oasis which is called Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian hinterland), sometimes it seems that time has stopped; river Cetina is still winding peacefully and giving life, while fertile fields bring fruit to the table rich in fragrances of traditional cuisine.

Giving tribute to homemade native foods and old recipes, distinct specialties of Cetina can be tasted in their original form with excellent service of Trilj’s restaurants and taverns which will offer you the ultimate culinary experience. From once most important bridge crossing, Dalmatia was given access to an expanse rich in historical findings, and the view from nearby coastal area reveals mysteries that hide in the holiday resort of Roman emperors.

Discover the picturesque town of Trilj that lies by the river. Cetina is a true paradise for nature lovers, picnickers and adventurers, so you must also explore this unavoidable eco-adventure destination. Hum of the river will remain forever in your ears, natural beauties and ethnological treasures in your mind, and tastes and smells on your palate. Clear depths of the river enter a restless canyon at this spot, while the fortresses keep guard from all sides; and as you daydream, on this magical place the river still flows.

During the Days of St. Michael the town blossoms and becomes a hub of meetings, trade and fun. On a traditional commodity-live stock fair one can see and acquire almost everything: from a diverse selection of handicraft to domesticated animals. An interesting cultural-amusement program is also held, and there are refreshments just about on every step you take.

Central event is on September 29th, when Trilj celebrates its Town Day and holds a festivity to honor its patron saint – holy Michael the archangel. There is a traditional procession in the town street, while the celebrations of Michael’s days are in full swing.

Tradition of Trilj’s region, rich social life and everyday routine is an inexhaustible source for souvenir motifs. Maybe the most memorable souvenir and also one of the town’s symbols is “grotulja”. “Grotulja” is a string of walnuts threaded into a necklace which represents the most beautiful gift possible. Legend says that if a boy likes a girl, he buys a “grotulja” for a gift and places it around her neck. Acceptance of “grotulja” is an acceptance of boy’s love. It is a tradition cherished since old times. Despite its original symbolism, “grotulja” today is gladly bought by all generations.

We thank the Tourist Organisation of Trilj for their help, text, and photos in this report.

TURISTIČKA ZAJEDNICA GRADA TRILJA Bana Jelačića 40, 21240 Trilj Tel/fax: +385 (0)21 832 510 E-mail: info@tz-trilj.hr Facebook:


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