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Croatian Desserts for Foreigners

How much desserts are a favourite and indispensable part of the Croatian gastronomic tradition has been shown by numerous visitors to the Bulldog gastronomic pub at the promotion of a book written by the chef Andrea Pisac, Croatian Desserts. The book was presented by journalist Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish and Ashley Colburn, known for tourist documentaries about Croatia and Andrea Pisac, author of the book, doctor of anthropology, writer, travel blogger and winner of the Zagreb City Award for Cultural Contribution. It is the first cookbook of Croatian desserts written in English.

The book contains fifty recipes of traditional Croatian cakes from almost all parts of Croatia with 515 photographs, showing the finished dessert as well as the preparation itself. The book is intended for sweet-tooths with no experience in the kitchen, as well as those with little skill, who want to improve their culinary skills. The book presents sweets by which Croatia is already recognized abroad, such as walnuts and poppies cakes (orahnjača and makovnjača), fritters (fritule), štrukli, pepper cakes (paprenjak), kremšnite, Međimurje gibanica, as well as some forgotten recipes such as Kaiserschmarrn or water rolls. Andrea Pisac has been collecting original recipes through word of mouth and field research. Various culinary and cultural stories about each of the selected cakes represent an insight into Croatian gastronomy and the Croatian way of life.

The book Croatian Desserts is thematically divided into several chapters: Lazy Morning, Sunday Sweets, Special Occasions, Cakes, Christmas Sweets and Easter Sweets. The recipes are expressed in a metric and imperial unit system so they can be followed by those who weigh the ingredients as well as those who measure them in mugs and spoons. Each dessert has an introductory story; details on the origin of the dessert and the occasions when eaten. Another feature of this book is the bilingual pronunciation titles.

The book, which can also be a gift, will certainly be of interest to Croats in our country and abroad, and will be used by foreign visitors to get to know Croatia's gastronomic sweetness even better.



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